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Umbilicord Stem Cell Treatment and Research

Umbilicord Stem Cell Treatment and Research

To All:

There is research going on here in the United States of America going on and inching forward.

There is Umbilicord Stem Cell Treatments given around the world as you read this.

My name is Pamela Rae and I am a “advocate” for STEM CELLS.

Over the years I have read and watched in the news, had discussions with others, debates, researched on Google the pro’s and con’s of Stem Cell research and treatment with great interest.

Having a dear Dr. friend who has been advocating now for several years and who has enlightened me to the point of having to speak out on behalf of this hope for patients who have suffered and are suffering from debilitating diseases.

This treatment is not a cure and I don’t claim that it is. What this treatment can do is better improve their lives.

Attending Stem Cell Awareness rallies meeting patients who have had Stem Cell Treatments has been a eye opening experience. The testimonies of patients and their parents has been amazing.

The United States of America hopefully soon will jump on the band wagon and help make the lives of those who suffer from debilitating diseases better.

Please take some time to click on these websites to better understand Stem Cell Research and Treatment

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Pamela Rae

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