Update from the front. Autism Support and Vaccine Injury

A few things happened this week that prompted me to write a little update from the front lines of the war for support for our loved ones dealing with Autism. In case you are reading this for the first time. My name is Tim Welsh and I blog, tweet, write and respond around the web as TannersDad. I take debating very seriously and spend hours reading and studying.
If you slept through 2010 two meaty books you must read are by Dr.Andrew J. Wakefield Callous Disregard Autism and Vaccines -- The Truth behind a Tragedy and The Age of Autism Mercury Medicine and A Man-Made Epidemic. Both Books give down to earth information that can be used in the trenches. As the discussion continues or if you are new to the debate you will learn there is much more misinformation than information. The general public is numb and professionals usually drink the koolaid.
I guess I will discuss three things that in my opinion signal the turning tide. They are a series of posts by Seattle Mama Doc by Dr Wendy Sue Swanson Entitled Do you believe in vaccines? Part I Emotion Part II Evidence Part III Experience.The Pulling of the Safe Minds Mercury and Flu PSA by AMC Entertainment and some general comments about interactions with public, friends and peers this week.
First my interaction and comments from the Doctors. This is one of the first post where they almost seemed human. They climbed off the pedestal long enough to realize things are not going there way. They boldly admitted to defeat in some areas and the fact that those that have seen vaccine injury upclose will never advocate for them. The series was intended to help Doctors communicate to the public and give a 2 minute or less why get the vaccine elevator speech. Along the way there was an admission of public relations failure, Distrust of the system, Doctors, Pharmaceutical Industry, and the fact many have to be coerced by the workplace to get shots themselves. Of Course there is still the pomposity of the Emperor. I do though recommend the read. I actually commented multiple times and was not brutally attacked as I have been on some of the skeptic blogs. Here is the link http://seattlemamadoc.seattlechildrens.org/do-you-believe-in-vaccines-pa...
Here are some of my Comments:

I am always amazed by the lack of compassion and understanding the medical community has for parents and families. Constantly lying and minimzing side effects and collateral damage. It is disengenous the way vaccines are promoted with a one size fits all mentality. There seems to be no time for informed consent. If the pharmaceutical companies would man up and do requested studies, look after injured ( autism ) then the ” herd” would have more advocates. I know you say correlation does not mean causation but it sure raises red flags. It should be mandatory that doctors care for a low functioning individual with autism for a week or more. TannersDad Tim Welsh Autiism and vaccine safety advocate. Director Mason Allen Medlam Foundation for Autism Safety

Derogatory name calling throughout this thread (Granola etc) and questioning parents ability to read the studies are examples of the continued arrogance of the medical community. It is very interesting the conversations I have off the record. Doctors as one admitted above do not personally get the vaccines unless coerced by employer. I really do want to move this conversation forward. I do not want one more child injured anywhere. I want support for the growing number of chronically Ill. it is time for Doctors to stand with parents and take responsibility for the collateral damage. The lying and lack of compassion resonates throughout this thread. You all know the unbiased studies have not been done, you know mercury ( Thimerisal ) is toxic, You know there are side effects. To move forward we must address the needs of families. Our children are dying as well… http://Www.MasonAlert.org lists some of the young souls lost in the last few months. At a minimum I would expect the medical community to support our efforts to stop those with autism and Alzheimers from wandering TannersDad Tim Welsh Autism and Vaccine Sfety Advocate.

Goal1: Support with services those dealing with Autism Alzheimer’s
Goal 2: Raise Awareness and provide support or families and siblings dealing with autism
Goal 3: Preventing the vaccine program from imploding due to nobody questioning number, safety and efficacy of the current program. Demanding honest unbiased informed consent.

We have asked for vaccinated vs unvaccinated unbiased study for close to twenty years.

No argument, I believe there are many toxins in our environment. Why focus on vaccines? Because until somebody does the study that shows in my son’s case and others that correlation did not demonstrate causation the red flag is raised.

In no way am I a Doctor, Scientist, or white coat researcher… I can read Skull and crossbones and decipher material data safety sheet that says NEVER mix Thimerosal with aluminum. So R & D is solely in the pharmaceutical and Governments realm. As a parent, Citizen and advocate it is my right,duty, and obligation to ask for safe vaccines and support for those injured by vaccines.

I hope I answered a few of your questions. I again, am not a simpleton, you are correct in stating there are a lot of places and things we need to clean up. I just work on my little patch of the beach everyday. God Bless all and Merry Christmas TannersDad Tim

It is refreshing to read that some Doctors do not dictate from a pedestal. I really like the fact that some are admitting there is a gap in trust. Nobody can argue that vaccines have not done great things. Nobody should want to go back to an age when diseases were winning and taking lives. On the other hand to argue my son is any less value or any less a member of the herd is where the rubber meets the road. Until, the medical community supports families with services and answers for autism, Families will continue to strike out at anything. Especially, something you can not defend. It happened right before my eyes. TannersDad Tim

Next we had a busy week with the fall out from the Safe Minds PSA being pulled Tuesday afternoon before ThanksGiving weekend. A little background. Safe Minds team did a great job putting together a PSA About Mercury and informed consent for FLU Vaccines. It was approved for showing at multiple theaters. The skeptics ( And some think the CDC ) bombarded the customer service website of AMC Entertainment and the company buckled under pressure and pulled the PSA. Enter our team. Multiple blog posts, newspaper articles, tweets, and many comments were made on the website. The comments and the debates flared all week. That was until Ryan Noonan of AMC Shut them down. So the debate was moved to facebook and twitter. Even Fox and Friends. We called for a boycott of AMC Entertainment. Continue to ask questions http://getsatisfaction.com/amc_theatres/topics
At a minimum a lot more people heard and saw the PSA. Maybe it was not on the big screen but I would imagine Safe Minds will get a refund. We educated a lot of people and we have documented evidence of censorship. AMC is comfortable running Pharmaceutical and Political advertisements but when it comes to actually helping to improve the lives of their patrons they pull the plug. The course that AMC took when the debate started to flare was to ignore and shut us down. Please continue to follow the debate, mention it to your friends, maybe cross the road and go to the other theater or wait for your movie to come out on DVD. We have very limited tools in our tool belt. When we can muster economic impact it goes a long distance in helping to get the support services and protect the future generations.
Finally, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated seeing a friend not associated with our community voluntarily reading Age of Autism this week. He was studying a piece on recovery. He was amazed that this could be done. As we approach the Holiday season. Friends Family and our support group mean so much. I know the road is tough but keep doing what you are doing. Great things are happening and will happen in 2011. Yes we are in for a few more bloody noses but we are not the one on the ropes. God Bless you All TannersDad Tim

What can you do today...
If you are a parent... Love your child unconditionally. Do not let your child feel they are any less because they cannot communicate the way we do or look after themselves. Do not forget to look after yourself and your significant other. ( If you don't have one find one...There is someone out there for everyone. You deserved to be loved also). Join a church. Speak to your friends. Keep up the good fight.
If you are Friend... If you have resources please consider supporting Generation Rescue as they move the agenda towards services and support programs. If you do not have financial resources provide respite services... Babysit, go with a parent to the grocery store, or running errands. Be there to listen.
If you are a Parent dealing with a loved one on the Autism Spectrum Protect them with Layers and Layers of love, information, fences and locks. Go to www.awaare.org and http://www.masonallenmedlamfoundation.webs.com/ Learn and support.
If you are in the medical community it is time to wake up and do something...
If you are in the insurance industry it is time to make the people responsible pay...
if you are in the media it time to tell the truth...
If you are in the government it is time act...
If you are in education it is time to educate...
If you are in a religious community it is time to rally the troops to support families...
If you are involved in a Autism group please invite them to join the Move to Heal Autism By 2030 (MTHA)
If you are in contact with amanda peet and have a child with Autism invite her over to experience our lives first hand and but out of our childrens and the future of others children.
If you are impacted by autism (that means you are part of the human race) Join me in the fight. Join the social media world with your own cause or mine. Make a difference in our world. now. State your change! Then make it happen.
If you happen to have some sleeping pills, sleep ideas for children with autism, or want to come spend the night let me know.... I need a nap.
Say a prayer for all those dealing or not dealing with their "Autism Like" conditions.
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If you are in the pharmaceutical industry it is time to pray...
If you or a family member in the Military are impacted by Autism help me promote a meeting between Angela Warner from www.AutismSalutes.com and Michelle Obama http://tinyurl.com/m9r8ws
People it is just time to deal with Autism....
How much longer…