Vaccine Controversies: What "They" Don't Want You to Know

Dr. Levatin has over 30 years of experience dealing with both unvaccinated and vaccine-damaged children. She will classify and demystify the diseases for which vaccines are recommended and will then discuss vaccine controversies, including vaccine ingredients, financial conflicts of interest, laws that favor pharmaceutical companies, and unintended consequences of vaccine programs. She will discuss and defend the power of "anecdotal" evidence.

Janet Levatin, MD

Dr. Janet Levatin graduated from George Washington University and did her pediatric residency at the Children's Hospital of New Jersey. From 1986-2011, she ran her own holistic medical practice in Massachusetts. In 2011, she joined the Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center in Ohio. She treats children and adults with homeopathy, nutrigenomics, supplements, and more. She has spoken out about the toxicity of vaccines for many years. She is passionate about true prevention and finding natural solutions for health problems whenever possible.