Vaccines as a Major Risk Factor for Autoimmune Disease, Brain Damage, and Death

Dr. Richard Moskowitz will cover the following:

  • Immunity, True and False
  • The Autoimmune Hypothesis: How All Vaccines Act on Everyone
  • Brain Damage: the Predominant Subtype
  • Death: the Extreme Form, in Many Guises
  • The Cover-up and Its Unraveling
  • The Individual Vaccines Reconsidered
  • Where to Go from Here 

Richard Moskowitz, MD

Richard Moskowitz, M.D. (NYU, 1963), practices in the Boston Area.

General and Family Practice since 1967, specializing in homeopathic medicine since 1974.

Books: Homeopathic Medicines for Pregnancy and Childbirth (1991); Resonance: the Homeopathic Point of View(2001);

     Plain Doctoring: Selected Writings, 1983-2013 (2014); More Doctoring: Selected Writings, 1977-2014 (2015); and

     Vaccines: a Reappraisal (2017).

Over 120 articles on homeopathy, midwifery, the philosophy of medicine, and vaccination, including The Case against Immunizations (1983): Vaccination: a Sacrament of Modern Medicine (1991); and Hidden in Plain Sight: the Role of Vaccines in Chronic Disease (2005).