Walt Disney an American Icon

The old saying "American as apple pie" certainly applies to Walt Disney, one of the great American icons. It's difficult to imagine anyone who has not been touched by some of his great works. Recently the Wall Street Journal published an article about him and his life. It's great reading. Here's an introductory paragraph from the article.

For generations, Disney characters have been indelibly stamped on our imaginations, and boomers can easily call to mind the smiling, avuncular Walt Disney himself, as seen on the studio's prime-time TV series. But what do we really know about his history and personality? Probably not very much if we haven't read Neal Gabler's exhaustive 2006 biography. That's a situation the new Walt Disney Family Museum has set out to rectify. Housed in a former army barracks in the Presidio [San Francisco], this series of galleries built around a miniaturized replica of Disneyland tells three different stories. As Richard Benefield, the executive director, explains, the narratives cover "Walt's work and his achievements, his relationship with his family, and the technology of animation."

Click here to read the full article in the Journal and come away with a smile on your face.