Way to Go, Steve!

Congratulations, Steve. It's great to have you back home. Steve recently biked 500 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles, to raise autism awareness. The ride was a tune-up for next year's cross-country extravaganza. I'll let Steve inform you about the trip in detail, but first I have to share with you Steve's route. I know some moms might scratch their heads in disbelief, but like many guys I'm perfectly happy reading maps, visiting a junkyard, or using new power tools.

Here's Steve's route.

Is that cool or what.

You proved it!!

Steven and I had many discussions about his proposed cross-country bike ride. We at AutismOne were apprehensive as he had no long-distance biking experience. A West-to-East coast ride (for autismone) as his first attempt sounded a bit too ambitious. Although he was confident he could do it, he agreed that a "warm-up" would be appropriate. SF to LA was quite a warmup! Fantastic achievement; we are indeed convinced.
Congratulations, Steven.

PS In the event you included your detailed itinerary for my benefit, forget it. I've no intention of attempting to duplicate now or in the future. :-)

Steve sooo Proud of you!

I love your dedication to the Autism cause, you and my son Jordan are my Hero's.... Hey what happened to your beautiful long hair? I like the new look I almost sdidn't recognize you!


I had to trim it for the ride!

SO AWESOME Steve! Way to go!

SO AWESOME Steve! Way to go! I am so impressed with your dedication to the cause!

And Ed...change the light bulb;)


Is that cool or what. What?

OK, obviously I'm one of the moms scratching my head.

Biking 500 miles to raise autism awareness = cool
Biking cross-country next year = very cool
All those directions = or what

Although . . . . this does give the ending address, and Steve is single and in obviously good shape, especially after 500 miles. So, I suppose this is appropriate for the single moms.

Honey, if you have enough time to type these directions, could you please change the hallway overhead light bulb? Or is this one o' them "extreme maleness" things?