Welcome to the wonderful connection of Chiropractic and Autism...

Many people in search of help with a neurodevelopmental disorder find themselves here in this group. In order to get the help you need and deserve, it’s important to understand the processes and procedures involved in seeking treatment.

Phase I: Structural Spinal Neurological Evaluation

This is the starting point for all of our Autistic patients. Why? Because the central nerve system is the controller of all function and healing in the body. This pathway (the spine) must be checked first and foremost. Testing should include digital thermographic imaging, digital posture analysis, as

well as digital structural x-rays (if necessary). If there’s a problem detected, it must be corrected or reduced. Correcting the spine is not a simple procedure. It also isn’t something every chiropractor is qualified to do. Only chiropractors specializing in corrective care can truly correct the spine. Depending upon the age of the patient, their condition, and past similar cases, an appropriate course of care will be recommended. This process must be implemented successfully before moving to Phase II.

Phase II: Nutrient and Toxicity Evaluation (Biomedical Evaluation)

This is the step many of you are very familiar with and can’t wait to get started moving. It is a very important part of the recovery process. It’s vital that this be done AFTER the nerve system is functioning at it’s best from the work done in Phase II. This assures the best results every time. Most of the Chiropractors in this group network are trained and integrate the Defeat Autism Now! approaches.  If they don't do this in their offices, they will refer you to the proper professional for help in this phase.  A detailed history is always taken as our first step. Once the history is complete, appropriate lab testing will be ordered. Testing options include but aren’t limited to:

  • Urine Organic Acids
  • Lyme Disease Testing
  • Biotoxic Illness
  • Toxic Metals Testing
  • Vitamin Panel (Metabolic Profile)
  • Essential Fatty Acids Test
  • Food Allergy Panel
  • Thyroid Study
  • And many others…

Treatment for each patient is extremely individual and unique, based upon the case. However, one of the foundational parts of this phase of care is diet. Most, if not all patients, will be given dietary guidelines and a program that goes way beyond just gluten and casein free. It is customized for the individual.

Phase III: Referral for Specialized Therapies

If at any time a referral to another professional is indicated, you can be assured that we will get you to the right professional. The Chiropractors in this group work with dozens of professionals in the arena of neurodevelopmental disorders.

Here are some links to just a few patient cases who have utilized this approach to care with fabulous results.


I am wondering if this could

I am wondering if this could also help with Angelman Syndrome... they say that Autism could be related to heavy metals in the body and I am wondering if this could be true with AS kids too since MANY of the characteristics are similar, so much so that I had a friend of mine have her child tested for AS and they determined he had autism and no positive deletion or mutation found for AS, but I just notice how much he acts like Fayth.... only he can speak more words than she can.

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