When the School Bus Stops Coming: Accessing Adult Services for Individuals with Autism

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Adult Services
   Autism One Conference Chicago, Ill. May 23,2008
When the School Bus Stops Coming: The dilemma for adults with autism and their families
Dr. David L. Holmes, Chairman Lifespan Services, LLC Princeton, N.J. www.lifespanservices.com
Adults with autism: what they need and how to get them
 Who are they across the spectrum  What services/ opportunities they require  What entitlements/services are available  Entitlement- you are eligible based upon a predetermined set of parameters and provisions are immediately made available.  Eligibility- you must apply for and be determined to be eligible and once eligible there is no guarantee that services will become immediately available.
Autism; Who are they across the spectrum
     Epidemic proportions Causes; genetics to the environment Range of challenges from profound to gifted What do we do until “the cure”? Services
Employment Services
   secure supported competitive
Living Services
        natural homes with natural family supported living apartments own home group homes congregate living nursing home continuing care services Public/private institution
Medical/Behavioral Services
  
Medical/behavioral healthcare Necessary health care access Necessary behavioral services
Community/recreational Services
      Touring Shopping Visiting Celebrating Watching Helping
How to get services
       Requesting Applying Negotiating Pestering Agitating Mediating Litigating
What happens if you do not receive appropriate services
Vegetating/skill loss Frustrated life goals Ongoing challenges as one pursues life, liberty and happiness  Institutionalization or incarceration   
Funding Sources
 SSI-Supplemental Security Income  SSDI- Supplemental Security Disability Income  SS- Social Security Survivor Benefits
Funding Sources Cont’d
   Education Compensatory Education Residential Placement for Educational Purposes
Funding Sources, cont’d
 Insurance  Walmart and Microsoft     Private Funds Special needs trusts Gifts Donated homes
Funding Sources, Cont’d
Medicaid GET the Medicaid Waiver Application
Funding Sources Cont’d
    Vocational Rehabilitation What are your rights What are your options You can ‘double dip’!
Personal Accounts of Getting Services
The struggle is worth the results Stay healthy and sane Keep your eye on the prize Never lose hope
    
Forensic Issues: When services are not available or inadequate
Wrongful death Murder Sexual predation Abuse/Neglect Violent/Pornographic DVDs