Will There Be Justice?

On Thursday, January 28th 2010, The GMC,General Medical Council, will release their finding in the professional misconduct charges filed against Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Professors John Walker-Smith and Simon Murch. While the verdict is days away, I don’t think anyone personally affected by the autism / vaccine connection is incredibly optimistic regarding this outcome. If you are, then you need to remove your rose-colored glasses and take a reality pill.
While many of us here in the U.S. that are closely involved in the autism community know of Dr. Wakefield’s work and are subsequently thankful for his truthfulness at the risk of his own professional reputation, we are also very cognizant of the corruption in all of our governments. The British government has proven themselves time and time again to be more corrupt than that of the U.S. (as hard as that may be for many of us to believe here in America) so we must be prepared for the worst case scenario as we hope for the best.
The British government, medical establishment and the Press have spent countless years and British pounds in what we know to be the “witch hunt” of the twenty-first century. To think that they will all of the sudden allow this case to come to fruition without serious consequences brought on these brave researchers, is an issue that must be addressed. I am hopeful that justice will prevail. I am hopeful that Brian Deer, the British free-lance journalist that has been the catalyst of the damaging charges against the doctors, will hang his head in shame at the verdict. But we must be prepared for the worst.
If this verdict is released and it does not shine favorably for those of us that know the truth, we must be prepared for the onslaught from the press and our government here at home. Barring some massive, further injustice, the GMC case evidence will be released so that discerning people will have a chance to look into the evidence themselves (though this will certainly not happen within the mainstream press).
On Thursday, at the release of the GMC findings, I will have Polly Tommey and other guests from England on my Autism One Radio show (Linderman Live!) discussing the verdict. Hopefully, this show will be a celebration of justice and a renewed belief that our government officials are not completely corrupt, industry owned puppets. Perhaps we will be able to relay congratulations to the three brave men who have been so unfairly treated across this planet through pressure from the vaccine manufacturers. Perhaps people will start to listen…perhaps.
Given the past accounts related to GMO foods and scientists like Arpad Pusztai who was successfully destroyed by the British Government for having the audacity to state through scientific studies that GMO potatoes presented serious health risks for British consumers, we have to assume that the British Government is still as corrupt now as they were then. Dr. Pusztai and Dr. Wakefield’s stories are far too similar to assume that one will be destroyed as one is vindicated.
Either way this happens, the autism community will have to remain unrelenting and strong. This will be either to ensure that the press covers the good news, or to demand that the facts of the case and the evidence is given due scrutiny.

A Sorrowful Day

From the beginning of the matter concerning Drs. Wakefield, Murch, and Walker-Smith, it has never been predominantly a question of science on the GMC's part. These gentlemen were persecuted because of monied entities protecting self-interests, aided by the collusion of media entities. This has been an orchestrated campaign to protect antiquated public health policies and industry pockets. This campaign was also waged as a tool of intimidation worldwide to warn other doctors not to question the status quo. In the end, science will prevail. Parents have witnessed and applaud the sustained courage and dignity of Dr. Andrew Wakefield. He has stood by the children, and we will stand by him.

Teri Arranga