Wireless: A key piece of the autism puzzle and what you can do about it

This presentation will include Peter’s personal story of helping his two boys recover from autism and restoring his own health. It will also include key concepts for understanding autism as a state of overload from multiple factors (total load theory) and how wireless radiation and EMF fit into that context. Additionally, Peter will explain what you can do to immediately reduce your child’s exposure to wireless radiation and EMF (electromagnetic fields) and how to help them be more resilient to its effects. Finally, the role of fight-or-flight mode in the context of EMF and detox will also be explained, as well as other emerging solutions to reduce wireless and EMF exposure.

Peter Sullivan, MS

Peter Sullivan is an environmental health funder who focuses on toxins and wireless safety. He has spent the last 15 years successfully recovering his sons from autism and sensory issues. In the same time period, Peter also recovered from mercury poisoning and the effects of high levels of wireless and EMF exposure. He speaks about autism and environmental health at conferences throughout the US and abroad. Previously, he was a software designer for Netflix, Interwoven, Excite@Home, and Silicon Graphics. Prior to working in high-tech, Peter was an executive officer and pilot in the US Navy. He has an MS in computer science from Stanford University.