Working towards Recovery with Sequential Homeopathy

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Working towards Recovery with Sequential Homeopathy
Autism’s Many Facets and Sequential Homeopathy’s Results
Cindy Griffin, DSH-P, DIHom, BME Lindyl Lanham, DSH-P, BS SpEd 713-366-8700
• • • We are not medical doctors, nor do we represent ourselves as such. We do not diagnose or treat disease, including ordering or interpretation of test results. The following is not to be construed as medical advice, nor is the application of homeopathy as represented a guarantee of success from one individual to the next. We are homeopathic educators and we provide educational advice on the administration of remedies to our clients based upon our homeopathic understanding, training and extensive experience with homeopathy and with autism spectrum disorders. Homeopathy is not the practice of medicine. It is a 200 year old method of health through rebalance and restoration by natural means inherent in the human body and immune system, the “vital force.” The remedies and approach discussed, while safe, non-toxic and FDA regulated, still requires education in homeopathic philosophy a and methodology to be successfully and comfortably used. Homeopathic remedies are strong enough to elicit significant detoxification and healing symptoms, and in context of chronic serious illnesses such as seen with autism spectrum disorders and their concomitants, in our opinion, should be overseen by a professional homeopath with at least 2-3 years of postgraduate education and training, clinical oversight, and special additional training in the problems of autism from a biomedical and holistic health perspective.
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Autism: Many Facets, Many Causes
Sequential Homeopathy reverses disease by reversing dis-ease processes:
Reducing Immune Burden
• By homeopathically clearing past traumatic events, in reverse order, dis-ease tends to reverse its order of progression as well • More recent traumas fall away before more historical • Each reversal or clearing means less burden or stress on the immune system • Each layer that is removed, allows subsequent layers to come off more easily and completely • The process empowers the immune system to function more efficiently and more deeply
Dis-ease process reversal includes:
• Alkalize system to provide alkaline body chemistry, or “milieu” for health:
– Homeopathic remedies to alkalize – Diet: raw foods, BED, alkalizing diet
• Thomas Rau, pH Miracle, etc.
• Reduce toxic exposures in environment • Homeopathic detox of metals, chemicals, pesticides, even EMFs and other toxins • Addressing emotional stress – past and present
• Homeopathic clearing of viral/bacterial events reduces immune burden and strengthens immune system responses
– Prior illnesses (including inheritance from parents)
• Bacteria and viruses that caused them • Drugs that suppressed them and sealed them in system
– Injected viruses/bacteria from vaccines
• Homeopathic vaccine, viral and bacterial nosodes, in reverse chronological order thru history • Drugs used against vaccine reactions (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, etc.) • Toxins and additives of vaccines
Reducing Inflammation of System
• Through viral and bacterial clearing
– Especially strep and herpes
• Through adrenal support • Through daily detoxification and desensitization to immune triggers in environment • Through detox of heavy metals
Which reduces attacks on tissues by:
• • • • • • Fungus Bacteria Viruses Parasites Toxins Heavy metals
Leading to:
• Improvements in immune function – better health overall • Behavioral improvements • Functional improvements
– Physical coordination – Sensory issues – Communication – Cognitive improvements
Case Examples by Category
• All Dis-ease begins in an acid environment
– First priority: an alkalizing diet
• • • • BED Raw foods diet Low animal protein diet Glutamate-free critical in all areas
– Second: reduce stressors
• Pain • Emotional stress • Outside stressors
Alkalization for bacterial reduction:
• • • • • • • • Strep Clostridia Pseudomonas Enterococcus Citrobacter Klebsiella Staphyloccus Many others
Case study 1: Intelligence without expression – Emotional stress
Emotional Stress as Contributor to Ill Health • Non-verbal • Brilliant IQ – could do computer chemistry problems on PhD level without the computer • Depressed to point of suicidal thoughts
Sequential Homeopathy Emotional support remedies
• Suicidal thoughts reduced in brief period of several months • Nil today • As health improves, expression becomes easier • Expression relieves depression and suicidal thoughts
Strep’s many symptoms
• • • • • • • • Ear infections (or history thereof) Throat infections (or history thereof) OCD symptoms/PANDAS (Swedo, et al) Tics and compulsions Seizures Bedwetting Increases systemic and local inflammation Inability to release other bacteria, metals, viruses, yeast (all seem to bind to Strep)
Strep reduction case study
• • • • • • OCD behaviors Joint pains Bedwetting Sore throats Constantly ill High fevers, one accompanied by seizure
Results with Sequential Homeopathy:
• Reduction in bedwetting • Released far more metals, as demonstrated by voluminous clear urination • Huge increases in language and sociability • Frequency of general malaise greatly reduced • Increase in math, reading, writing skills
Case 2: Viral Titer Reduction
• Herpes is huge problem with many ASD children. • Case study: (herpes titers before and after slides to be inserted) • Symptom improvements:
– language improved – Ongoing improvement – No longer on autism spectrum
Case 3: Viral Titer reduction of Hepatitis B and other Viruses
• Child referred after Hep B titers greatly increased following IVIG regimen • After 6 months, titers checked again. Greatly reduced. • After 1 year, further reductions found • Reductions in Hep B titers continue to improve with subsequent homeopathic course and titer checks.
Viral Titer Test
Normal Ranges
Follow-up Initial Titers Follow-up Titers Titers
Follow-up Titers
7/25/2005 Hepatitis B Surface Antibody
Neg: < 0.91 Equiv: 0.91 1.09 Pos: > 1.10
Laboratory reporting methodology changed but results decreased to within range
Rubella Virus IgG Antibody Rubeola IgG Antibody Polio Virus Antibody Neutralization Mumps IgG Herpes Simplex HHV6
3.07 3.24
Polio 1 > 1:128 Polio 2 > 1:128 Polio 3 > 1:128
Pos: > 1.10
Polio 1 1:10 Polio 2 1:20 Polio 3 1:10
> 1:8 0.90 - 1.10
1.62 0.79 5.21 0.42 4.45
Case 4: Dramatic Improvement after MMR/Varicella “clearing”
• 12 year old boy with autism; History: severely regressed 3 days after MMR • After 2 years of homeopathic clearing, and multiple months of clearing MMR vaccine, was still breaking out in measles-like rash, and very much “stuck” in language and emotional processing. • Mom reviewed vaccine record and discovered mistake: Varicella had been omitted and was given same day as MMR. • MMR recleared WITH Varicella – one more breakout, and huge increases in language, emotional processing, cognitive gains
Clearing the entire event was CRITICAL to PROGRESS
• Cleared MMR and Varicella Vaccines together – rashes changed to chicken poxlike rash • Huge increase in language, emotional processing (related old family situations in minute detail, while processing emotions bottled up by inability to communicate at the original time)
Sequential Homeopathy is Systematic
• Applies advanced concepts from 200 years of homeopathic science to today’s toxic world in a complex system based on: • Detoxification for removal of “blockages to recovery” • Immune stimulation in areas indicated as weak by symptoms and personal and family history • Applied as guided by chronological history AND symptoms presenting as each layer unfolds
Includes specific approaches to:
• Detoxification
– Heavy metals – Pesticides and other chemicals – Vaccines
• Viral and bacterial reduction by immune support AND “detox” of events • Strep and other bacterial reduction
– Which leads to deeper detox because so many things bind to strep
• Reduction of inflammation through immune system rebalancing • Endocrine rebalancing • Neurotransmitter rebalancing, as demonstrated by improved cognition, behavior, communication, interaction, etc. • Gut rebuilding
– Reduced inflammation allows healing
• and rebalance of gut flora thru alkalization
– Reduction of yeast, not just suppression of yeast – Introduction of healthy bacteria through probiotics
Sequential Homeopathy is Individualized
• Based on specifics of symptoms as they manifest • Based on personal history • Based on individualized responses to homeopathy • Tailored to the child as s/he progresses each month through the process
Additional Improvements:
• • • • • • • • Allergies Asthma Digestion Food choice improvement Constipation/Diarrhea Growth Seizures reduced or eliminated in some cases Pain reduction (our FIRST PRIORITY!)
All without using:
• • • • • • • • Antibiotics Herbal or chemical chelators Chemical anti-parasitics Anti-fungals Anti-virals Psychotropic drugs Pharmaceuticals of any kind Invasive procedures
Results from Before and After ATEC Scores
Sequential Homeopathy Offers HOPE for Autism and ASDs
[Insert slides of recovered children’s photos]
Thank you for your time, and Best Wishes for Health and Healing of Your Children!