Your child may not need that booster shot and the law is on your side.

I have a beautiful four and a half year old boy with autism. In our case he showed signs since birth, but was not diagnosed until after the age of two, after his initial MMR vaccine. After so much angst, expense, tears and most of all, effort we were making progress towards healing him. Our son Emerson, "Little Em" was finally starting to say words and look us in the eyes, then came time for his MMR booster shot. We were sick to our stomachs wondering if this booster would cause regression and thwart all our efforts. The notion of injecting him with something that could hurt him further literally brought tears to my eyes. After much research I found a few things out about the MMR "booster" and what our rights are in the State of New Jersey.
First, the MMR booster is not a booster at all. The initial vaccine inoculates approximately 94 to 95% of the population receiving it. The booster is later administered across the board to simply increase the percentage up a few points to about 97 to 98%. So out of 100 children who initially receive the MMR, about 95 already have enough antibodies and do not require the follow up shot. Secondly, you are allowed to get what's known as a titer test. This is a blood test to measure the amount of antibodies in the blood stream. If they are high enough, your child is exonerated from the follow up MMR vaccine. All day care facilities and schools must accept this and cannot prevent your child from attending if your child passes the required antibody levels on the titer.
Don't Be Surprised If Doctors Are Resistant.
In our case we waited until we were in the doctor's office to receive the booster when I notified the nurse who came in with the vaccine that we wanted a script for a titer. She became quite flustered and insisted that the booster was required. I calmly requested to meet with the doctor. He complied without hesitation, but what I find so disturbing is even with the knowledge of my son's condition, I still had to garner this information elsewhere. Long story short, my son's antibodies were high enough and he did not require the booster. I can't say that vaccines had any ill effect Little Em, but after all we have endured we didn't want to risk anything.

Because of Little Em's autism we meet so many other parents in the same situation, with the same pit in their stomach when it comes time for booster shots, but to my surprise they don't know of the titer. Why isn't this common knowledge? With all the concern over vaccines how come school authorities and doctors don't advertize this choice? Sadly I think it's part economics, and part that the public is used to lining up like lemmings when it comes to doctor's orders (imagine how much less money the Pharma companies would make if 95% of the population didn't get their booster shots because they didn't need it.)
The titer test is available for the following vaccines:
• MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
• Hepatitis B
• Diphtheria, Tetanus
• H. Influenza (HiB)
• Hepatitis A
• Chicken Pox, (Varicella - zoster)
• Influenza A and B
• Polio
• Pneumococcal vaccines

So if you're up at night worried about an upcoming vaccine shot for your child, research your state laws and see if a titer test is available. And spread the word. With autism now affecting 1 in 100 children, (1 in 66 if it's a boy) everyone now knows someone who affected by this condition. Who knows, at the very least you may help save another parent from that awful pit in their stomach.

A big hug

A big hug and a big THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this information.
I had delayed my autistic son's second MMR, and now with this new information I am EMPOWERED to perhaps exonerate him, as you say, from further vaccines!

-Jocelyn in NJ
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Thank you!

This blows my mind! Thank you so much for this helpful information. It is so sad that it's now up to parents to educate the doctors. They need to get their heads out of the sand!!!! Thanks again.

Excellent blog, Emerson. Not

Excellent blog, Emerson. Not nearly enough parents are aware of titer tests. Heck, even the nurse was flustered, which goes to show no one asks.

It should be common knowledge with large posters educating parents in every pediatrician's office.