SHOW: Rethinking Autism
TOPIC: Rethinking Autism show is to help change the world of autism perception from me
DESCRIPTION: Interview with Seann Bardell CEO of BioImmersion Inc and Dr.
DATE/TIME: 08/04/2014 3:00AM EDT
SHOW: A Conversation of Hope
TOPIC: Holistic Wellness for ADHD and Autism, with Cicely Everson
DESCRIPTION: Teri is joined by nationally known health and beauty expert Cicely Everson. Having once suffered from a long-term gluten intolerance, Cicely is committed to helping others reverse chronic conditions through detoxification, herbal medicine, and more. She is the founder of Tao Holistics and sits on the board of the Tao Holistics Wellness Foundation, a not-for-profit organization aimed at reducing conditions like ADHD and autism in youths and adults of underserved areas. Visit
DATE/TIME: 07/16/2014 3:00AM EDT
SHOW: Autism in Transition
TOPIC: Asking for Help
DESCRIPTION: Asking for help is one of the most important skills for transition. It is important for finding things in a grocery story, but really critical when it comes to asking the police for help. In this show we will explain ways to help your teen or adult with ASD be more comfortable and successful asking the police for help.
DATE/TIME: 07/15/2014 3:00AM EDT
SHOW: Autism in the Family
TOPIC: Criterios Diagnosticos de Autismo
DATE/TIME: 07/15/2014 3:00AM EDT
SHOW: Autism in the Family
TOPIC: Autismo En La Familia (debut en la radio)
DESCRIPTION: No es fácil ser padre de un hijo con autismo. El autismo afecta a toda la familia. Este programa en español es presentado por Emily Iland, la madre de un joven con autismo, autora, y líder en el campo del autismo. En el primer programa hablamos de temas importantes en familia, como entender y aceptar el autismo, Este programa ofrece esperanza, inspiración y sugerencias prácticas de cómo manejar la vida con autismo.
DATE/TIME: 07/08/2014 3:00AM EDT
SHOW: Circles of Transformation with Dr. Betsy Hendricks
HOSTED BY: Betsy Hendricks
TOPIC: Learning from Orcas
DESCRIPTION: What can we learn from the health challenges faced by the orcas of the Pacific Northwest? How is this related to autism?
DATE/TIME: 07/07/2014 3:00AM EDT
SHOW: Front Line Moms
HOSTED BY: Andy McCabe
TOPIC: Puzzle Pieces - Autistic Students Manufacture Ice Cream
DESCRIPTION: Kerry Beetle, Special Education teacher at Southern High School in Manahawkin, NJ designs, develops, and implements an ice cream program whereby students on the spectrum manufacture, distribute, and market their product: Puzzle Pieces. Contact Kerry at or 609.618.9119.
DATE/TIME: 07/04/2014 3:00AM EDT
SHOW: Autism in Transition
TOPIC: Autism In Transition
DESCRIPTION: How can you help create a good future for your child with autism as he or she grow ups? Don’t leave the future to chance! Emily Iland, the mother of a young man with autism, author, and leader in the autism field, poses five questions to help you envision a brighter future your child, teen or adult on the spectrum.
DATE/TIME: 05/15/2014 3:00AM EDT
SHOW: A Conversation of Hope
TOPIC: Congressman Bill Posey speaks on the Need for Openness and Transparency within the CDC on Issues of Vaccine Safety
DESCRIPTION: Guest host and biochemist Dr. Brian Hooker interviews Congressman Bill Posey on the need for openness and transparency within the CDC on issues of vaccine safety. Rep. Bill Posey will discuss the current autism epidemic and issues that families with autistic children face. Also to be discussed, the congressional hearing held in November 2012 regarding the autism epidemic and the CDC’s role in vaccines safety, how he became involved in the autism community, why this is such an important issue, and what he feels are steps that need to be taken to begin to recognize these issues.
DATE/TIME: 04/08/2014 3:00AM EDT
SHOW: A Conversation of Hope
TOPIC: Cranial Osteopathy and Autism, with Dr. Shawn K. Centers
DESCRIPTION: The concept of the inherent motion of the brain, cerebrospinal fluid, and sacrum was originated nearly 80 years ago by Dr. William Sutherland. Learn about osteopathic techniques found to be extremely powerful in treating autism. Dr. Centers and Teri will also discuss essential oils. Shawn K. Centers, DO, FACOP, is the medical director of the Osteopathic Center for Children in San Diego, California. He is a pediatrician and internationally known expert on osteopathic pediatrics, nutrition, and natural medicines as they apply to children. Please visit
DATE/TIME: 04/05/2014 3:00AM EDT