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Karen Thomas Interviews Dr. Stephanie Seneff on the Chemical Glyphosate

Among many other things, in this interview you will learn:
-Why glyphosate is such a concern to our health.
-What are some of the foods likely to be contaminated with
-How does glyphosate work to disrupt our health?
-How does glyphosate exposure specifically lead to autism?
-What you can do to protect yourself and your family.

Heckenlively continues his pressure campaign on Fox News over scientific integrity and public health

Heckenlively continues his pressure campaign against Fox News, asking them to cover vital questions of scientific integrity and public health.

Marcella Piper-Terry of Talks about Current Events in the Health Freedom Movement


Sean Hannity - The World Needs Your Help!

Heckenlively discusses Robert Kennedy, Jr.'s revelation of media bias and asks Hannity to become a hero for humanity.

You Don't Have a Right to be SILENT About Vaccine Injury


Moms Panel For Cannabis And Autism

Karen Thomas brings you a panel of moms who have used cannabis to treat various symptoms of autism in their children with extreme success. Medical grade cannabis expert, Tony Verzura, also shares his expertise on the specifics you need to know about quality and methods of use, along with resources to find the answers you need for your child.

Christina Hildebrand Gives Us an Update on SB18 & SB277!


David Rodriguez Talks About Home Schooling!


The Mixed-Up Mind of an Anti-Vaxxer

Kent Heckenlively - Hero? Villain? Or a Jerry Seinfeld-like character? You be the judge!

Attorney Rick Jaffe talks about the Physicians for Informed Consent luncheon in Costa Mesa, CA.