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Tooth Decay in Autism, Causative Factors, and Natural Solutions

Please join Karen Thomas for this very informative interview with Dr. Michael Lipelt, DDS, ND, as they dive into many of the reasons why so many children with Autism commonly have tooth decay, and learn some safe, natural solutions.

Christina Hildabrand talks about proposed bills hitting California

Some written by Pan, including SB18.

Candyce talks about the RFK Jr. / Robert Di Niro Press Conference

Candyce talks about the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. / Robert Di Niro Press Conference and the $100,000 Challenge to Journalists.

When Vaxxers Lose their F******* Minds!


Deirdre Imus Recommends you Read "INOCULATED."

Kent speaks with gratitude of the wonderful people who have come into his life in the autism fight.

Autism, Lyme and Parasites

Karen Thomas interviews Susan Luschas, an MIT trained engineer and autism mom who shares her experience of bringing her child to recovery. Karen and Susan dive deep into the commonly overlooked co-morbid symptoms of autism, including Lyme Disease, and parasites.

Tiffany talks about how Cannibus has helped her son!


President Trump Getting Ready to Punch Autism in the Face


How to Stay Sane in an Insane World


John Gilmore gives us his view of the Kennedy Appointment by Trump announced on 1/10/17

John Gilmore gives us his view of the Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Appointment by President-Elect Trump to chair a commission for a year on vaccination safety and scientific integrity, announced on 1/10/17.