Injecting Sense

We will focus on issues surrounding the autism epidemic and also vaccination rights. We'll discuss public policy, the law, politics, and the state of science. There will be news, commentary, and guest interviews . . .and hopefully we'll have a little fun along the way.

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Special Needs Kids: Ask the nutritionist

Have you ever wondered about the daily soup-to-nuts of the A, B, C's (vitamins A, B, C, that is)? What are the different types of vitamin A, and can you eat a bunch of carrots on the same day as taking a vitamin A supplement? Which B might be better for my child? Which C could feel better on my stomach? Is the safety of D-3 and D-2 the same? Why does E go well with selenium? And how will selenium let your family eat fish more safely?

A Conversation of Hope


Autism in Transition

How can you help create a good future for your child with autism as he or she grow ups? Don’t leave the future to chance! Join host Emily Iland, the mother of a young man with autism, author, and leader in the autism field, to discuss important considerations in creating a brighter future your child (or adult child), and things you can do to make it happen. Topics will include life after high school, safety, relationships and work.

Autism in the Family

It is not easy to be the parent of a child with autism. Autism affects the entire family. This program in Spanish is presented by Emily Iland, the mother of a young man with autism, author, and leader in the autism field. We will discuss subjects that are important to your family, like understanding and accepting autism, explaining autism to others (including siblings), and even explaining autism to the person who has it. This program offers hope, inspiration and practical suggestions for managing life with autism.

Front Line Moms

Dr. Andy McCabe received his Psy.D. from the Rutgers University School of Applied and Professional Psychology in 1999. In the mid-1980's, he initiated and directed one of the first public school programs for the autistic in New Jersey. Currently, he is a full time, Associate Professor at New Jersey City University where he teaches courses in behavior disorders and autism. He has interviewed over 100 autism experts on his radio show, Autism with Dr. Andy, which is is part of the station, and is the author of The Gifted One, The Journey Begins, Balboa Press , 2011.

Circles of Transformation with Dr. Betsy Hendricks

Circles of Transformation looks at topics related to autism, chronic diseases, and global planetary health. Circle of Transformation groups are born from the concepts in my book, "Zero Point, Where Worlds Collide and Autism is Born". Like ripples from a single drop of rain into a lake, these learning circles are a framework for people-helping-people to support the recovery of children.