Special Needs Kids: Ask the nutritionist

Have you ever wondered about the daily soup-to-nuts of the A, B, C's (vitamins A, B, C, that is)? What are the different types of vitamin A, and can you eat a bunch of carrots on the same day as taking a vitamin A supplement? Which B might be better for my child? Which C could feel better on my stomach? Is the safety of D-3 and D-2 the same? Why does E go well with selenium? And how will selenium let your family eat fish more safely?

Kirkman Labs ( kindly sponsors this program hosted by Judy Converse, MPH, RD, LD; Teri Arranga; and Rhonda Mulford, Division Head of Services for Kirkman. Tune in for this soup-to-nuts show about vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients with practical applications to the daily life of children, parents, seniors, moms-to-be, and more, every second and fourth Wednesday of the month.