While on holiday with family, my sister made a comment about how much improvement my boys had made since the last time she had seen them – it had been about 9 months since her last visit. I cheerfully accepted her polite observation with a thankful smile. She then began to list things she noticed as improvement in their behaviors. As I cataloged her observations, I began to realize the gains my boys had made in the past year. Maybe - just maybe - all that we do is making an impact.

In the day-to-day grind, I find myself thinking that all the supplements are a waste of time. I become frustrated with the process of ABA, RDI, Floor time, and whatever the next therapy of the day is proclaimed to be able to save my kid (Luckily, my fantastic, patient wife, knocks me in the head and gets me back on board, lickety-split). But for some reason, when I hear comments from someone who does not live with autism daily, make detailed lists of improvement, I realize how much progress we are making.

That makes me want to set the bar higher for 2010.

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