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If you know someone who cares for a child with autism, please tell them about this important Autism Treatment Workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area - or please attend yourself.
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Julie Matthews
San Francisco
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Julie is an internationally respected autism nutrition specialist and Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) Practitioner. As a Certified Nutrition Consultant, Julie provides diet and nutrition intervention guidance backed by scientific research and applied clinical experience. She has helped thousands of children worldwide as an educator and coach at public education programs, autism conferences and private consultations. Julie reaches out to parents through her web site, blog and Facebook group.

Julie is author of Nourishing Hope for Autism, a 2009 award-winning parent and clinicians guide regarding the fundamentals of autism nutrition, diet implementation and supplementation. She is also the Founder of Cooking to Heal™, an autism nutrition and cooking class program that provides support for parents implementing diet.

Julie supports parents, nutritionists, and physicians worldwide from her private practice in San Francisco. She provides nutritionist training and healthy pregnancy workshops through Nourishing Hope and regularly educates at Autism Research Institute events. Julie’s received her degrees from Bauman College and University of California, Davis. She has been a Defeat Autism Now! (DAN!) practitioner since 2002.

Why I am a Part of the AutismOne Community: 

To be supportive of those pursuing improved health and wellness through diet and nutrition strategies.

My Daily Motivations: 

Children and families.

Help Needed: 
Outreach and connectivity to those not yet following calculated food regimes for children with autism. Everyone can benefit, to varying degrees, by following a healing, nutrition focused diet. Diets for children should not be simply random, too many children continue to suffer with addressable maladies - diet changes begin a path to improved well being.