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Autism in Infancy: Predetermined or ...

Is autism stamped into the brain by genes from conception? Or does it develop? If it develops, what influences that development? And how can we influence those influences? If the brain isn't indelibly stamped with autism, then what happens to it to transform it so that it starts producing autistic behaviors? At what range of prenatal or postnatal ages might this start? Is there any way of detecting those changes in living babies?

Toddler Gets Sick After Flu Shot


When the School Bus Stops Coming- ...

Dr. David Holmes address with adults on the spectrum want and need as well as how to access necessary support that will allow them the quality of live they deserve.

Prediction and Prevention of ASD: ...

David Humphrey, Esq, Kenneth Bock, MD, Martha Herbert, MD, PhD, and Doreen Granpeesheh, PhD, BCBA-D, will take attendees through a 4-part series emphasizing the importance of early detection of the symptoms of ASD as helping practitioners alter the course of diagnosis.

The Medicaid-Education Connection

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