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Autism and Autoimmune Disease: A ...

Carolyn will address potential roadblocks in dietary, biomedical, and other interventions due to unidentified and/or untreated autoimmune disease.

The Face of Autism

This video caught my attention on YouTube. It reminds me that as we focus on getting our children better, they are still our children, life is still happening.

How to Start Biomedical ...

Everything parents need to know when starting down the path of recovery for children affected by autism.

Metals, Myelin and Mitochondria - ...

This lecture provides an overview of the "new" autism as a primary disturbance of the immune system and critically, misprogramming of the infant immune system leading to autoimmunity and immunological intolerance.

Avoiding the Pitfalls: Winning the War

Dr. Megson will discuss how children emerging from autism have ongoing predictable developments, medical, social, educational needs and what to do about them as you travel this road.

Mary Megson, MD is a board certified pediatrician, fellowship trained in child development.

Autism Mothers - The Autism File

The Team at The Autism File received an amazing response from the front cover of their April 2009 issue, depicting 6 autism mothers posing with a determined presence.

Other mothers have been sending in pictures in groups of 6, emulating the campaign which have been used to create a wonderful video montage.