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Vitamin D

I recommend that all children have their Vit D levels checked
The doctor should order a 25OH Vit D3 level- the optimal level is between 60 and 80. Recent studies have shown benefits from Vit D in children with ASD Most children require at least 1000 iu of Vit D3 daily which is much less than is found in most supplements

Glutathione Pathway

Has your DAN! doctor ordered a MTHFR gene test? It is available through Quest labs. It will give you an idea of whether or not your child has a defect in the methylation pathway. This info can help determine whether or not your child is likely to benefit from methyl B12 injections.
Doc Rich

Autism Coaching by a certified DAN! doctor

Hi everyone. My name is Dr Rich Lucente. I am a DAN! certified physician offering health and nutrition coaching over the phone or through Skype. I am here to help parents get through the trials and tribulations of biomedical treatments for Autism as well as help with cleaning up the toxic environment we live in. If interested please e-mail me at Please feel free to ask me questions through this blog as well. This is not medical advice- it its HEALTH and NUTRITION advice only. Please do not substitute this for the care through you regular physician/practitioner.