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GFCF Diet on a budget....

Many parents have been stressing about how to begin a GFCF diet on a budget. I found this article, I hope it helps, You can also contact Carolyn Lewis or Sueson Vess they are on facebook, look them up and ask their advise.

By southernotmom user-submitted article

Imagine all the people living life in peace

In this moment I find myself longing for a peaceful world not only for myself but for all mankind. I’m not talking about living like a hermit or being a recluse on some far off island. What I want is more peace in my life.
Recently, I had this overwhelming feeling of being bombarded by negativity; it comes at you from every direction. The news in general is negative. In fact everything I read has a damaging effect on my peace of mind. I hate turning on the news, because I know I’m going to fall into this pessimistic trap. It is emotionally exhausting!

Anderson Cooper CNN; Tests reveals high chemical levels in kids' bodies.

Story Highlights..... This story aired quite a while ago, however it has never left my mind..
So-called "body burden" testing reveals industrial chemicals in humans
Many of these chemicals harm rats, but studies on humans are preliminary
One scientist warns modern-day humans are living an "unnatural experiment"
By Jordana Miller

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Michelle Hammond and Jeremiah Holland were intrigued when a friend at the Oakland Tribune asked them and their two young children to take part in a cutting-edge study to measure the industrial chemicals in their bodies.

Parent Involvement-Essential....

Throughout the years I have realized the importance of the parent involvement. In the early years, my son Jordan was placed in a regular classroom setting with the wide scope of all types of learners and learner’s needs. Every year brought challenges, not only for my family, but for the staff at Jordan's school.

Reiki Energy

Another healing art to consider for our children and ourselves.

Do we have comedians amongst us or are they taking words literally?

I have learned a few things about literal communication by having a child with autism. Take this example; I asked my son Jordan to go downstairs into the laundry room, and put the cloths that were just washed into the dryer. I assumed that he understood to place the cloths from the washer into the dryer and turn on the machine. Later, I headed down to the laundry room to fold the clothes that I thought would be dry.

Autism, My Son's Grade School Experience

Jordan’s grade school experience was absolutely fantastic. His conversation was limited to three word sentences. Talking to his peers was difficult. Jordan’s teachers, therapists and I worked together as a team guiding Jordan with expanding his Individual Educational Goals, continually pushing him to greater heights. We found out that placing Jordan in environments where he could be around other children was a wise choice.

Children With Autism Have Very Rigid Behaviors

Tonight I watched some of my family’s past home video. It took me back to a time in my life that was extremely stressful, lonely, tumultuous and rigid. Allow me to share a few experiences with you! Autism, in my household looked something like this:
Everything in our house has its place. The furniture, our cookie jar, delightfully framed family photographs sitting on each end table. I think you get the idea. If you were to move anything out of its original order, my child would have a tremendous meltdown. Sometimes these meltdowns could last over an hour!

Girl Breaks Through Silence With a Song

For more on this story, check out CBS
Great Story

Girl Breaks Through Silence With a song - A 7-year-old autistic girl who once struggled to speak found her voice through the gift of song, and now she's sharing her talent in arenas all over the country.
Gina Incandela of Orlando, Fla., has charmed thousands by singing the national anthem at hockey games, basketball arenas and conventions, according to a CBS report. This week, she took center court at the U.S. Open.

I have a sibling with several disabilities autism is not one of them... My feelings of guilt!


I have a sibling with several disabilities. Just recently, I was certified Reiki First Degree. For many of you who are unfamiliar with Reiki I will give you a brief description.

Reiki Balances And Works On Four Levels Of Existence:

A) Physical: The Body & Manifested Plain
B) Emotional: What You Are Feeling
C) Mental: What You Are Allowing Yourself To Think
D) Spiritual: Your Capacity To Love Yourself And Others

Reiki Works On Cause Rather Than Effect Of Dis-Ease:

A) Treats the Dis-Ease rather than the symptoms