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Autism May Be Linked to Mom's Autoimmune Disease

My mother was just hospitalized for an autoimmune disease called ITP, I've had horrible stomach issues that started as a child continuing into adulthood, this week in fact I had an episode! Suddenly there is an awareness that I may have Celiac Disease! This is an interesting article please read it and see what you think!

Autism May Be Linked to Mom's Autoimmune Disease

Possible causes of disorder should now include celiac disease, study suggests

Being a Parent of a Child with Autism

There are so many virtues I’ve come to understand by being a parent of a child diagnosed with Autism.

Patience is HUGE, oh and I can’t forget kindness and definitely compassion. Then there’s love. When it came to love, I was clueless, I didn’t know how to love anything or anyone honestly until I gave birth. That’s when I learned what the meaning of love was really all about!

One of the most important virtues that pulled me though all the tough times was faith. I don’t know where I would be without it. I probably would have jumped off a cliff.

Calling all Blogger's!

Calling all blogger's!

We could use your opinions and ideas as far as autism and being on a tight budget.
Times are rough. I recently spoke with a young mother of two children, one of which is three years old and has autism. Making matters even more complicated is a recent diagnosis of epilepsy with the boy.

Green Cleaning Watch Our Planet Smile

My mother has been in the ICU for this entire week, with plenty of time on my hands waiting for doctors and testing results, I came across this information in a magazine called Vibrant Life;
I always want to help our planet so I decided to start using these products immediately most of which I already have on hand. God knows my house could use it! This week I left two men alone with two large dogs and a cat all to fend for themselves... Just refer to me as Cinderella(:

by Christine Emming


An email I recieved that I feel I must share!

I am literally holding back tears and am sick to my stomach. I am going to be making phone calls on Monday. I am begging you to do the same. Please, please, please do this for the people that I love.

I am also being a bit selfish too...I could lose my job because of these budget cuts. Ask for a tax hike. I am not happy about it either, but cutting social services as a whole by 50% is crazy! Anything can happen at anytime to anyone and they could need the services that are being cut. They would not be available here.

I will go to any length to make sure my childs IEP goals are implemented and he is successful in school

This was my week of being an advocate for my child Jordan who is a sophomore in high school. I will go to any length to make sure my child will succeed in life. As mothers, we will endure bullets. What I won’t endure is bullshit! My claws come out! When pushed, I can be ugly. I hate to admit that but it’s true. I am sharing my correspondence with Jordan’s school about failing his math class this semester in hopes it may help someone.
I removed the name of my child’s school; I felt it is not necessary they ended up accommodating Jordan so all is good.

Autism One Conference 2009

Autism One’s 6th Annual International Conference held, May 22nd – May 24th at the Westin O’Hare in the wonderful city of Chicago has been the best conference yet!

Presenters flew in from all over the world to share the latest innovative autism treatments available.

I Feel Like I'm The Pied Piper!

Something strange is happening. I feel a little like the Pied Piper! Wherever I am, a child with Autism is always in close proximity. It seems as though every time I am at the grocery store waiting in those long lines, I spot a mom trying to control her son while onlookers grimace with disgust.

In Costco, I witnessed a young couple trying to control their waling child. People were looking at this couple like, “… OMG can’t you control your kid!” until finally, the father picked the six or seven year old up and left the building.

I am mother of a child diagnosed with Autism

Fourteen years ago there was limited information available on autism. I found only two books that offered me any kind of hope. Thinking in Pictures by; Temple Grandin was one and Somebody Somewhere by; Donna Williams was the second. Both women are considered to have a high functioning autism.

Today, with the use of the Internet and the thousands of books being written on the subject of autism everyone is an expert. Parents have so much information available. How can you possibility decide what direction to take?