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Derek's Strength

At the 2009 Autism One Conference I met Derek and his family. It was my first Autism One conference and I remember the encounter vividly. His mother wanted me to meet him but said he was “not well.”

Derek, who has Asperger’s and was around 25 yrs old, came up to me and was talking about girls etc. Seemed pretty normal for a 25 yr old but as I talked more with his family learned the challenges that they have been facing over the last 5 – 10 years. Because of everything he had been going through he had gained a considerable amount of weight.

Dad's Night Out (Mom's please read)

On Friday May 27th a group of Dad’s at the Autism One Conference got together for the first ever Dad’s Night Out.
The event was at Lucky Strike Lanes, where the Dad’s bowled, ate, relaxed and “talked” with other Dad’s. Yes, thats correct Mom’s and Dad’s reading this…they encouraged and inspired each other to help their children and families. It was exactly what we wanted to happen!

Autism Speaks has Spoken

I was hesitant to write this blog but this is something that I wanted to share with all of you. As you may be aware I was just in Egypt teaching the Exercise Connection Program to the ETC & Advance Center of Cairo and I presented for the Arab Network for Autism.
While I was there I spoke with many people and founders of autism organizations and centers from the Arab Countries.

Chicago, Cairo & Cincinnati - Egypt Day 2

Within the last two months I have talked, taught and worked with parents and professionals affected by autism from Chicago, Cairo and Cincinnati. Yesterday, my second day in Egypt, Maadi specifically, I gave my first two presentations to the ADVANCE Center.

Egypt - Day 1

This is my first experience traveling outside of the United States. I have never even crossed the Canadian border to gamble in Windsor or party down south in Mexico. I was a bit nervous about the flight; would I be able to survive in the seats? would i have room to stretch? will I fall asleep? and about a hundred other thoughts...

Patience & Processing

For the past two months I have been working with a 9 year old boy on incorporating exercise into his daily lifestyle. I can't take all the credit because before I met him, his father always had him on the treadmill and trying different types of sports with him, being a role model for his child.

Exercise Connection Goes to Egypt

November 8th, I am headed to Cairo, Egypt to educate the parents and professionals of the ADVANCE Center about the importance of exercise in the lives of our children and adults.
I was contacted about a month ago by the mother who started this organization. Like many mothers in our country, if they can't find the services, they will create them. Her story is no different.

The "First Date"

As I am getting ready to leave I find myself looking in the mirror checking my outfit. Is it too flashy? Is it too soft? Can this shirt be a distraction? I hesitate to put on cologne. I don’t want to smell but I also don’t want to offend my “date” or the parents.
Meeting my “date” for the first time is nerve racking enough. As I get dressed, gather stuff, it is not just about what I am wearing it is more about, “Are we going to connect?”

Dad's Night 2011 at the Autism One Conference

Hello Moms and Dads,

As most of you who have attended the AutismOne Conference in years past know, there has been a Spa Night for moms to relax and be pampered as they should be....

For the 2011 conference, I have the honor of putting together the first Dads' Night. I am off to a great start with local business willing to participate and give dads some time to relax, eat and drink with their peers.

Please spread the word and, most important, attend the 2011 AOne Conference! It is has been so beneficial to many families and children; this year's will not be any different.

Thank You for Fitness

For the last 5 months the students of Giant Steps Illinois, Inc a therapeutic day school for children with autism have continued to challenge me. As the Fitness Coordinator I am blessed to work with the students in large groups (10+ students). However, without the help of the one-on-one aid's (program assistants) this program would not be possible.