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SAD FUNNY THING... Secrets and Freedom Do Not Mix. Vaccine Court and Zimmerman Testimony

For those that do not know me I am kind of nosy. When I meet you, I will ask you about your story. I like to know the details of how your family came to be impacted by Autism, your passion, and frustrations. If you have been in the news concerning autism I will did deeper than the headlines. Usually, I do not offend anyone but sometimes I have been a little bit intrusive. Two years ago, I asked one to many questions.

Terms and Conditions Dialing back the rhetoric in the Vaccine Autism War

My my how much has happened in the short few weeks of the new year. The Words, bullets, sticks and stones have all been thrown. I must say my heart and prayers go to the victims of the Arizona shooting. That being said a tweet has brought a lot of comments and attention:

TannersDad A bullet through the brain and the country is paralyzed. Mysterious shot through a needle and my son stops talking and nobody cares #Autism
about 19 hours ago via Twitter for iPad

Designated Driver. A New Season. A new Drive. Empowering Parents Dealing With Autism

Sorry folks but honestly Holidays are not fun for most families dealing with Autism. Stress strain of finances, juggling diets, patterns and preferences, and dealing with an ignorant world. I spent the season relatively quietly. As a manager by trade and a chess player by talent, I like to know where I am going. My wife will tell you that I am all over the place in the day to day but actually my dreams, hope and vision long term is alive and well.

Update from the front. Autism Support and Vaccine Injury

A few things happened this week that prompted me to write a little update from the front lines of the war for support for our loved ones dealing with Autism. In case you are reading this for the first time. My name is Tim Welsh and I blog, tweet, write and respond around the web as TannersDad. I take debating very seriously and spend hours reading and studying.

Are You Jealous? Autism and Emotions

Are you Jealous? How many emotions do family members dealing with Autism go through in a day. Then I was thinking how many do we bury? It is great to talk. It is even better to talk to your partner. What Happens when the pipes flowing Communication get clogged with artery sludge of pent up unspoken emotions. Today I would like to talk about Jealousy. Remember this is from the perspective of a man that many say is unable to process and understand the emotions of those around me.

My First Electronic Book Saving Deets By Zack Gonzalez

I owe Zack an apology. I got an electronic copy of his book Saving Deets a few months ago. I just was not in the right frame of mind to sit down and read what I thought would be a slog fest through the trials of initial Diagnosis and the heartbreaking frustration all of our families deal with. Maybe it was scary just the thought of having to read the book on the computer. You know I am kind of old school.

Mason Alert Update Wandering Awareness and Prevention

On Wednesday, November 10 and Thursday November 11 the Mason Allen Medlam Foundation for Autism Safety met with the creators of the Take Me Home Program to create new registry software known as the Mason Alert Take Me Home Program.

Today I Cried. #FAY Feel Autism Yet?

Let's just say I am not a really emotional person outwardly. There are times when my wife would say I am devoid of emotion. I think it is a source of pride that I am usually even keeled and not much knocks me off center in this Roller Coaster life dealing with Autism.. Todays events though knocked me for a loop and I Cried.

Belly Buttons, Chicken Wings, Election, and Autism Things To contemplate

Did you know if you Google "Belly Buttons" Today it comes up 429,000 times. I swear this topic or one related was a trending topic on Twitter and the nightly glam News was spouting something about them. I don't know why but is stuck in my head and I can't shake the the thought. Why does the public fixate, react, and discuss topics such as this?
A friend of mine donated my 30,000th tweet a few months ago. It went something like this.

"If it is not directed, it is not discussed. It is time to discuss Autism." Dan Sokola

Autism Attitudes: Working through the Stuff... What we deal with...

I am honored to have a guest post by a true Warrior Mom.... I am proud that Angela is my friend...

By: Angela Warner

The past 36 hours of my life have been absolutely fascinating. Fascinating is the only word I can
come up with right now to describe them. In the past 36 hours I have had just 2 hours of sleep,
and that was a nap in 1 hour increments. Lack of sleep in stretches like this makes me lucid, and
while I wanted to go to bed at one point, I had a few things to finish up. Little did I know just