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Sabrina is recovered

Today I asked Sabrina's teacher about Sabrina's socials skills and peer relationships.

She reported:
She is very social here. She plays with everyone. She interacts well with boys and girls. She listens well and is always happy to do whatever we ask of her. I don't see 'one' person that she plays with all the time. She enjoys playing with everyone.

This was the last hurdle she had to overcome. I am so happy for her.

Christmas 2009

The Christmas Luminary was tonight. Hayley, Sam, Sabrina and Griffin and I went to see the lights. Sam kept saying as we drove thru that she wanted to go home. Then we got to see Santa. She talked to him. Last year she would not look at him or talk. Way to go Sam. Sabrina is just the chatterbx now. I consider her fully recovered.

Progress is a wonderful thing

One of my twins is starting regular preschool tomorrow. She has graduated from the Developmental Preschool. The other one is progressing just a little slower.

10 months Update

We have hit the 10 month mark of chelation. We have come so far. Sammy is asking questions, giving hugs and kisses, pretending alittle. Sabrina is recovered to us. She still deals with yeast on her face but she typical in all areas. She starts regular preschool in a few weeks. Samantha is going to miss her.

Today as we were walking to the kitchen to get a drink she said 'I love you Mom' out of the blue.

Start of a journey

My 4 year old twins were diagnosed when they were 2. I thank God everyday that Jenny McCarthy's book "Louder than Words' came out right after my girls were diagnosed. That book made me come out of denial. I would not accept that anything was wrong with my beautiful babies. I read Jenny's book and cried. How could I not see that there was something wrong with my girls. I started the biomedical path immediately and we have had great success. One of my girls will be starting regular preschool in the fall and the other is getting there a little slower than her sister.