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A Rapturous Weekend

I must admit that there are times when too much work, too much of in your face evil, and too much of striving against it, lands me in a not so good place. I'm sure this is merely the result of not yet attaining to perfect faith, but such is the case. When depleted of positive life force, I find myself praying for a much needed boost often. This cycle of fight, recharge, fight, is something that I have grown accustomed to in my personal life, decades before I ever even heard of toxin induced Autism.

Is this crazy or what?

A governor of a state just tries to take public workers unions down a notch or two, and there's practically war in the streets all over the country a week or so later. Big Pharma, The Food Industry, The Sickness for Profit Medical Industry, along with the help of their little baby brother the federal government, are guilty of continually poisoning children with their products and practices, and have been increasing their atrocities for decades.

If only....

If only… If only we lived in a time and land of freedom and justice for all. If only we lived in a country where we were not dictated to by the corporations that have taken over virtually every branch of federal government. If only… If only we lived in a time and country where the likes of the evil giants like Bill Gates and Microsoft, the Monsanto Corporation, and the entire Pharmaceutical Industry did not exist, or at the very least a place where these filthy tyrants were not allowed to dictate and force themselves on innocent children.

Normal? Who knows anymore? Some ideas for change...

Every single day I take a look around in the world only to be even further shocked and amazed at how crazy things are getting. Every single day, I wonder where we are headed as a species on this planet. I know I am by no means alone in having a growing sense of dread at the outright, and ever increasing, insanity we are faced with today. What rational thoughtful person could not help but wonder? Of course, there are still many that plow through their lives with barely even a passing thought as to the state of the human race and the planet, as they are far too “busy” to notice or care.

Of Arrogance and Apathy

A portion of every one of my days, (except Sundays), is always spent digging ever deeper into the rabbit hole of ignorance, avarice, and arrogance, that is strangling the life out of this once great nation. It seems to me that these evils are boundless, and ever on the increase, as all the tyrants in any kind of position of authority abuse their power by seeking to control everything to their advantage. Believe me when I tell you that I am largely a starry eyed dreamer, so this kind of "cynicism" does not come easy to me.

Let's put blame where blame belongs!

I was immediately enraged after reading the latest personal assault on Dr. Andy Wakefield, (which is nothing more than a rehash of the same old assault, and an embarrassing attempt to get more mileage out of it). I opened up my non monopoly word processor, (Open Office, not MS Word), and began pounding out my rage at the incredible evil of the big monopoly, the Sickness For Profit industry.

Wyatt's Eyes

Wyatt’s new thing is to have me lie in his bed with him until he falls asleep. He always lies on his side facing me, and gazes into my eyes from about 5 inches away, penetrating with purity all the way through my heart and soul. Sometimes, as he studies the depths in my eyes, there’s a trace of a smile on his lips, and at other times it is a serious and thoughtful gaze, as though reading what is burned onto my heart like a book. Either way, it seems I can not absorb the love and innocence of those crystal eyes for long without suddenly falling into a mesmerized sleep.

Introducing Wyatt’s Way Home, and my Dreams…

I’d like to start by introducing everyone to Wyatt, my only child, and the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. I think it’s safe to say that most people over 50 can recall certain dreams from younger days that somehow escaped them. It may be a small dream or, as in my case, the biggest dream of all that over time falls victim to circumstance, and finally fades from hope altogether. When my first marriage ended with a whimper by mutual consent at age 45 with no children, I had already grown used to the idea that my earliest dreams of love and a family were just never meant to be.