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Letting Go of Judgments and Creating the Best Version of You....

Judgments, Rumors, Jealousy, Ego, Gossip, Snickering, Office Politics, School Politics, and more….

Why this is the year to let it all go and start focusing on your life and your dreams.

So 2010 was not the easiest year for me in a lot of ways. I lost my grandmother, had more bills than I could count, had disappointments in my profession, had disappointments in my family life and to top it all off I gained 10lbs.

Tips for my single friends... falling in love with yourself this winter season..."You complete you."

“You complete me.” “You had me at hello.” As I think of these phrases from that movie especially during this winter season I wonder why we set ourselves up for counting on someone else to fulfill us. Many in the autism community are single and what does that mean if you don’t have that “somebody special?” Does it mean that you aren’t complete in some way?

5 tips to becoming a happier family unit TODAY!!

So I was pondering marriage and autism tonight and I realized how many single parents are out there. I see so many happy couples that have a typical family (whatever that means anymore) and it seems like they are so “hallmark” in many ways. I think that for the majority of divorced or separated couples it was just too much and there just isn’t a support system set up or any pre-counseling prior to getting the diagnoses (which how could there be).

Help we are going to Grandma and Grandpa's house this season and we are new to the GF/CF/SF diet and need easy substitutions!!

Reminding you all again that I am not an editor, nor am I good with commas, spelling or all of the above. I just write from the heart and hope it helps at least one of you out there....

Okay, so you are going to Grandma and Grandpa's house and the whole family is getting together and you are freaked out because you don't know what to feed your kiddo because you are new to the diet... I remember those days and really in the beginning it can be a bit confusing and overwhelming. Try not to stress too hard.

Typical meal you may see at Grandma and Grandpa's:

Feeling down around the holidays, tips on how to stay positive

So this is my first post and I want to let you know now that I am not an editor, nor am I good with commas, grammar, spelling and all of the above. I just write from my heart and I hope it helps at least one person feel as if they are not alone in this world we know as autism......