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Reversing Autism Naturally- (7/7/11)(Part 5 of 7)(Day 2) Autistic,Brandon Shoots Hoops in the Gym

Brandon's Window (7/7/11)(Part 5 of 7)(Day 2) Autistic,Brandon Shoots Hoops in the Gym (Day 2 Part 5 of 7)

(Part 5 o 7)(Day 2) 3 years 2 months and 20 days after reversing his symptoms of autism using natural treatments, Brandon shoots hoops in the gym with his brother Anthony. In thi video you can hear Brandon say "That's a high score!" He comes to get his reward from Nanna,(a kiss) Brandon dribbles the ball, waits his turn, smiles and laughs. AMAZING! More Related videos (Day 1 Part 1 of 2)

Reversing, Curing and Healing the Symptoms of Autism Using Natural Treatments/ Brandon's Window, Autistic Brandon Self-Taught Vo

March 29,2009) Brandon gives feedback on words SELF-TAUGHT
(April 9, 2009) Brandon gives feed back on words SELF-TAUGHT on website Pinky Dinky Doo
Brandon's Window (August 23, 2009) Brandon Self-Taught Apprehensive, Journey, Adventure and Ukelele
Brandon's Window (July 5,2011) Autistic, Brandon Self-Taught Words and Definitions from V-Reader
Brandon's Window (7/5/11) Autistic, Brandon Teaches Himself "Loud and Museum" Using his V-Reader

Brandon's Window--A Grandmother's Documentary of Reversing Autism Naturally

Brandon's Window-- A Grandmother's Documentary of Reversing Autism Naturally

Through a natural diet, natural supplements, and detoxing through lifestyle changes, we are reversing my grandson's autism using natural methods.

Seeing is believing! For more information go to and get direct links to over 125 videos of my grandson Brandon's amazing progress More videos are to be posted in the future of this ongoing documentary.