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To the group

A friend of mine Lina Moreco ,a documentary film maker for the national film boards
just release her english version of her film " Shot in the Dark" on DVD.

It should be noted that her film was block for release on multiple occasion
but she was able to get the french version release , but certain people in high
place do not want this film distributed .

I can only recommend that you order the film from the national Fimm board of canada

Press Release

I'm happy to announce the DVD release of SHOTS IN THE DARK.

High prevalence of autism in visible minority ( African , latino , arab & asian)

To the group

I am doing research on a very unusual demographic phenomena that is occuring in
canada and United States .

I have given a name to this demographic oddity , Ethic Autism Phenomena or EAP

In montreal , I have been to identify and tabulated at a preliminary level this phenomena .

what we are seing is a signicantly high prevalence of autism on the severe end of the spectrum
in population that we can define as children define in canada as "Visible minority"

This phenomena is assocaite to children that are born in quebec , but the parent are born abroad

looking for information regarding autsim and international adoption

To the group

I am looking for anecdotal information about potential case of high prevalence of autism in international adopted children in canada or the united states ..

I have been doing a preliminary research on the subject , from the cases we have in montreal quebec

Its clear from the data , at certain period we are observing jump of 200% in one year ,

from the preliminary data , the jump are primerally attributed to childreen showing what we call service group 1,2 &3 , generally assocaited to the lighter form of PDD or autism.