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EPIGENETICS? Can A New Science Finally Prove Autism's Causes?

Standing on a soap box and calling out, "It's Thimerosal, it's Vaccines, it's Pesticides, it's Mercury from coal burning power plants," without the "Evidence of Harm" to back up such accusations only causes our cries to fall on deaf ears and discredits our point. Especially when the Parma companies, politicians and industry leaders lay back on their laurels and say "There is no conclusive evidence."
But all that is about to change.

Your child may not need that booster shot and the law is on your side.

I have a beautiful four and a half year old boy with autism. In our case he showed signs since birth, but was not diagnosed until after the age of two, after his initial MMR vaccine. After so much angst, expense, tears and most of all, effort we were making progress towards healing him. Our son Emerson, "Little Em" was finally starting to say words and look us in the eyes, then came time for his MMR booster shot. We were sick to our stomachs wondering if this booster would cause regression and thwart all our efforts.

Convert the bane of a typical autistic behavior into therapy:

Every child's autism is different and unique, however, there are also many common traits. One of the most frustrating and dangerous is what I call the deaf run. This is where the child will bolt from a parent's hand for some desired object. Normal children do this as well, however, many autistic children are particularly talented at ignoring their parents. They also may be quite fixated on a particular item or object which acts as a terrible distraction when attempting a therapy session.

Divorce and Autism: They don’t have to go hand in hand. A father’s struggle to heal his son, his family and beat the odds

Let me introduce myself. I’m Emerson Donnell. Born and raised in New Jersey I waited until my 40’s to have a child. Little did I know I was a perfect match, a statistical poster of the typical parent who sires an autistic child, (an older white male living in New Jersey, the state with the highest incidence of autism.) And little did I know after the birth of my son Emerson that my wife Jen and I were being railroaded right into the next widely accepted statistic. Supposedly over 80% of marriages that sire an autistic child end in divorce. Some even say it’s more like 85%.

Can Epigenetics explain autism's causes?

Before going into Epigenetics we first have to address all or most of the other theories out there. Problem with most theories, they all have holes or inconsistencies that thwart consistent provability. For instance, if it's Thimerosal then how is it cases have only increased since it's removal? And how about children showing autistic signs (like my son) since birth? Some say it's genetic, but that's utterly incomplete as well.