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Tips to Help Your Child with Autism Cope this Holiday Season

How to Help Your Child with Autism Survive The Holiday Season
Posted on December 7, 2011 at 8:40 am
Originally Posted in "Patch Wheaton"

Well, here we go again! Another Holiday Season is upon us and many of our Special Needs Children are"freaking out"!

I mean that "literally", our children deal with the overestimation's in their word 24/7, now let's add a healthy dose of Holiday Cheer to"push them right over the edge"!

The lights, music, crowded stores and holiday gatherings are way too much for many of them.

Kaitlin's Hideout Featured in Chicago Parent Magazine

Kaitlin's Hideout Featured in Chicago Parent Magazine
Blog originally posted in Glen Ellyn, and Wheaton Patch in Illinois.

I am just ecstatic over the recent featuring of our center in such a predominant magazine for parents. It is truly a dream come true for me.

See, I am a hopeless Dreamer. One of my favorite quotes clearly shows that,‎

"You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will be as one." --John Lennon

Supplements Under Your Holiday Tree!

On Dasher and Dancer and DMG!
Supplements Under Your Holiday Tree!

The Man I Married

I want to tell all of you about my husband today, the man I married. He is the man in our lives who gives us stability and as much certainty as is possible once autism has claimed your only son; for me, my only child. He’s the kind of man who stands tall and proud, very often a head above the fray. He is a man who deserves, by far, more respect and admiration than he all too often finds. He is also a man very much in touch with his own feelings. A man who sobbed at the foot of his young son’s bed as he lay sleeping, the night he had learned his only heir had autism.

Relationship development with Tools of the mind

I am excited to write this blog ( starting a series to help with strategies for the schoolroom) for so many reasons! By the end of this series I may have covered them all, but we will start off with the foundations for why I think this topic is incredibly important for the ASD community.

Don't Cry

Small town, rural living has its draw backs. The nearest pediatric dentist is 36 miles away. OT, PT, Speech, or any therapy outside of the school setting for that matter is that same 40 minute trek. The nearest LabCorp takes us 4 to 4 ½ hours in good weather, on a good day. The nearest movie theatre is 24 miles.

Stand Up and Be Counted!

Stand Up and Be Counted!

My nine year old son, Sam, and I have been hitting the campaign trail once again. For those of you not familiar with us or with our story, Sam has autism. I am his mom, Lin Wessels. We advocate.

It’s one of the things we do, seeking out politicians and asking them the really tough questions. It is one of the ways we feel like we are making a difference. And if not, at least we know we are trying. We are giving it our all. It is something we can do; so we do.


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The Long Walk

This has been the season of nail-biting for my wife and me.

After years of steady progress in elementary school, the Little Rankster went into Middle School this year. He’s now learning to deal with the constant changing of classrooms, dealing with the locker, changing for P.E., etc. It’s a lot of change to throw at any kid—especially one on the spectrum.

The biggest change has been that he now rides the school bus. It’s not the “special” bus; it’s the “regular” bus with all of the neurotypical kids. And that’s a bit scary for us as parents.