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Derek's Strength

At the 2009 Autism One Conference I met Derek and his family. It was my first Autism One conference and I remember the encounter vividly. His mother wanted me to meet him but said he was “not well.”

Derek, who has Asperger’s and was around 25 yrs old, came up to me and was talking about girls etc. Seemed pretty normal for a 25 yr old but as I talked more with his family learned the challenges that they have been facing over the last 5 – 10 years. Because of everything he had been going through he had gained a considerable amount of weight.

Enzymes Aid Digestion So Kiddos Can Get Their Nutrients by Teri Arranga


Enzymes Aid Digestion So Kiddos Can Get Their Nutrients

One of the things most gratifying to any mother is feeding her child fresh, healthful foods, knowing that these foods will nourish a developing body, making it flourish in muscle and mind. But for parents of kiddos with special needs, metabolic situations, and tummy troubles, that may not be the case. Differences in the way that a child is handling things metabolically, immunologically, and gastrointestinally may affect how many nutrients is received from food intake and are available for various bodily processes.

HDNet Investigates Autism Among Vaccine Injured

HDNet Investigates Autism Among Vaccine Injured
See it on HDNet Tuesday, Aug. 23, at 9 EST


The Government says there’s no link between vaccines and autism. So why has it quietly doled out big settlements to families with autistic children who say vaccinations harmed their children? —Tuesday, Aug. 23 at 9:00 p.m. ET on HDNet

Sam Wessels the Presidential Campaign Crusader

Sam Wessels
The Presidential Campaign Crusader

It is time I introduce our son, Sam Wessels, the presidential campaign crusader, to the rest of the world. He is nine years old, about to begin the fourth grade and becoming a very fine advocate. I am beyond proud of that boy! HE ROCKS OUR WORLD EVERY SINGLE DAY! Oh, by the way, Sam has autism. He was diagnosed at two.


PRESS RELEASE Contact: For Immediate Release Teri Arranga (714) 680-0792
August 10, 2011


RIP to hero Dr. Bernadine Healy, who passes away at age 67.

We join many in the community who grieve the passing of the courageous Dr. Bernadine Healy, the first female director of the NIH and a person of great integrity.

Please see also the commentary and video at Age of Autism:

Help!!!! My famlliy ties are getting frayed due me and my conditons: Austim and AS

I have not been feeling good lately as my socializing has been plummeting to the point of wreaking my family ties, I am a Asian and my parents have been take care of me for 30 years, Plus the other disabilities I have to top it off. It stresses them something horrible!

What Are the Health Risks from Pesticides and Chemicals from Dietary Supplements? by Larry Newman

What Are the Health Risks from Pesticides and Chemicals from Dietary Supplements?
by Larry Newman

Last month Kirkman® introduced its Ultra Tested™ products, which are laboratory tested for more than 950 contaminants. Included in what we test for are potentially harmful levels of heavy metals, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, endocrine disruptors and chemicals.

No other nutritional supplement company in the world offer’s testing to this degree, but we believe this level of testing is necessary to ensure the safety of nutritional supplement products.

A Program Note

It’s time once again for my monthly assault on the web-waves. June’s installment of Injecting Sense: The Radio Edition will come your way on Tuesday, June 28th, at 1:00 pm EDT, on Autism One Radio.

My guest will be Cynthia Cournoyer, author of What About Immunizations?: Exposing the Vaccine Philosophy. It’s a great read, discussing how vaccine interests have misframed the debate. I think you'll find Tuesday's conversation most interesting.

Dad's Night Out (Mom's please read)

On Friday May 27th a group of Dad’s at the Autism One Conference got together for the first ever Dad’s Night Out.
The event was at Lucky Strike Lanes, where the Dad’s bowled, ate, relaxed and “talked” with other Dad’s. Yes, thats correct Mom’s and Dad’s reading this…they encouraged and inspired each other to help their children and families. It was exactly what we wanted to happen!