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Needed – Parents of children with autism for a short survey

If you are the parent of a child with autism, only you know the daily reality of this disorder. Your participation in a short survey will help physicians and therapists understand how families cope with autism. The survey will take less than 5 minutes to complete and is completely confidential. Your contribution gives your child and family a voice which must be heard.

Please click on the link below or copy and paste the address into your internet browser to take you to the survey.

Another rough day

Today was very rough. It was full of meltdowns and angry reactions from my son. I just feel lost. I was chatting with a friend earlier tonight and she is well-meaning and very supportive. She told me to take one day at a time and not worry about the future. I wish I could. Every day I feel the need to push my son to do more, be better, talk more, feel more. I worry about his future and how he will be able to function. I feel such guilt if I do not constantly interact with him. I cannot just think about today when I have such doubts of tomorrow.

10 months Update

We have hit the 10 month mark of chelation. We have come so far. Sammy is asking questions, giving hugs and kisses, pretending alittle. Sabrina is recovered to us. She still deals with yeast on her face but she typical in all areas. She starts regular preschool in a few weeks. Samantha is going to miss her.

Today as we were walking to the kitchen to get a drink she said 'I love you Mom' out of the blue.

So now that we are taking care of our kids. . .

Parents who are in full swing taking care of their children with autism, often forget their own health in the process. I've written and spoken at length of this crisis within the crisis; describing parents in our community as the new "collateral damage." And yet, for all of my own preaching about care for the caregiver I have recently found myself once again on the receiving end of my own advice.

From Autism to All-star

Article By: Rhonda Brunett
Written For: The Autism Perspective Magazine.
From Autism To All-star, From A Parents Perspective

Liberal, Conservative, Independent, Democrat, Republicans & World Citizens In Autism We are a Family.

I have not really revealed my political position in the past or had a discussion in depth here. I generally feel that Politics are better left alone. My political aspirations have long been left in the dust when during a campaign speech for a fraternity executive council speech I informed the constituents that I would like to "bury the hatchet" That was ok but I went on to say... "Probably not in my opponents back"

Plant-Based vs Animal-Based Diet: A Dialog

The value of a plant-based diet for improving overall health has become a hot topic of late. Following is a description of a dialogue in Greece between two knowledgeable Greek citizens. For the following, I’ll simple refer to them as Mr. Sarkis and Mr. Goulas.

I don't know who you have to (BLEEP)!!!

I don't know who you have to (BLEEP) to get a good autism school in your community??? Please point them out to me!!! I was once told that my child was to aggressive for their precious school. They only take the well behaved children with autism. WTF???? The government ruins your child than they turn their backs on you and they will not admit it. WTH??? When are they going to wake up and supply our kids with adequate help?? You may ask yourself they should have to at least compensate you if not provide transportation. You have a right to an appropriate education! But No!!!

Vitamin Bcomplex helps

I forgot to mention that Emily(granddaugher) has been receiving Vitamin B complex, liquid form, for several months and it helps her cognition and her attention span. We added calcium, magnesium & zinc but didn't see as much improvement as with the Vitamin B complex. I just thought I'd mention this. Some of you may already know about vitamin B. How did I know about this?


My son Peter has been receiving IV chelation for the past year. (DMPS and EDTA). His last live cell showed a lot of oxidative stress in his cells. Our DAN Doctor suggested that we stop the IV form and try OSR which is taken orally, and is considered to be a lot safer and with better results. I was wondering if anyone has tried it and what results they've had.
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.