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How little people know or care to know about Autism

"Don't get me started." I hear that often or say it to myself many times a day, I must have had the Autism Environment Vaccines question discussion more than 10,000 times. Two things struck me this morning. 1. How little people actually know or care to know about Autism. 2. I realized I have never had someone even from the medical community, not validate the concerns of families dealing with Autism and vaccine injury.

Green Cleaning Watch Our Planet Smile

My mother has been in the ICU for this entire week, with plenty of time on my hands waiting for doctors and testing results, I came across this information in a magazine called Vibrant Life;
I always want to help our planet so I decided to start using these products immediately most of which I already have on hand. God knows my house could use it! This week I left two men alone with two large dogs and a cat all to fend for themselves... Just refer to me as Cinderella(:

by Christine Emming

Norman Rockwell the painting of our hometown is not pretty any more. Autism Epidemic

I travel for a living. Humans think our own hometown is wonderful & original. I got to looking and comparing notes in my head. Our villages, towns, suburbs, and cities are organized about the same everywhere. These are some of things I noticed from town to town. Also I wanted to take note of some of the changes in the last 20 years I wonder if people took the time to look around that maybe they would take the time to help fix one glaring change to the way many of our families, friends, and neighbors are living.

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I like Tim's words

5 Components of Physical Fitness

The Five Components of Physical Fitness for Youth and Adults with ASD is something that I have developed to help educate parents, teachers and school administrators.

Over the past 20 years, documented, the way that our children have been physically assessed and taught in a PE class has not changed. After talking with some people at the Presidents Challenge, they say it could be nearly 50 years!


An email I recieved that I feel I must share!

I am literally holding back tears and am sick to my stomach. I am going to be making phone calls on Monday. I am begging you to do the same. Please, please, please do this for the people that I love.

I am also being a bit selfish too...I could lose my job because of these budget cuts. Ask for a tax hike. I am not happy about it either, but cutting social services as a whole by 50% is crazy! Anything can happen at anytime to anyone and they could need the services that are being cut. They would not be available here.

God, Man Where are you now? We did this to ourselves. Autism Environment Vaccines Religion

We all have bones in the closet and crosses to bear. A religion is supposed to help you find peace within your soul. I am a conservative independent Christian. My family is at peace with the world and death because God gave his only son to die on the cross to forgive our sins. This helps me enjoy the hour or two that Tanner lets me sleep. With the revelation that John Travolta and Kelly Preston were living a lie about their sons autism, comes many questions. I am not going to focus on their personal pain.

I will go to any length to make sure my childs IEP goals are implemented and he is successful in school

This was my week of being an advocate for my child Jordan who is a sophomore in high school. I will go to any length to make sure my child will succeed in life. As mothers, we will endure bullets. What I won’t endure is bullshit! My claws come out! When pushed, I can be ugly. I hate to admit that but it’s true. I am sharing my correspondence with Jordan’s school about failing his math class this semester in hopes it may help someone.
I removed the name of my child’s school; I felt it is not necessary they ended up accommodating Jordan so all is good.

Welcome all! More features coming.

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying the new AutismOne community. We are working to bring you some amazing features that will really make the support and information offerer world-class.

Start making some freinds, joining groups and asking the mentors any quesitons you may have

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Autism One Conference 2009

Autism One’s 6th Annual International Conference held, May 22nd – May 24th at the Westin O’Hare in the wonderful city of Chicago has been the best conference yet!

Presenters flew in from all over the world to share the latest innovative autism treatments available.