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Time-out or "Resource" Rooms

At times, students with autism may require a visit to a time-out or "resource" room to allow the child to regain self-control during periods of outburst or frustration. What should these rooms be like in our schools if they must be there? Obviously, they must be durable and sound-isolated. However, most significantly for me as a design professional, these spaces should be separated from the public areas so as to provide the isolated child with greater dignity. Some designers must think our ASD kids do not have awareness or feelings.

Nothing new in Autism??

I've talked a bit about my son and his biomedical treatment at work....well, that's a lie because I work at an elementry school in our city that is known as the "Autism School". So, I have voiced LOTS of opinions to MANY staff members and they are pretty much sick of hearing it by now. At lunch, I talked briefly with the librairan, who, in the early 80's, worked as a Special Ed teacher and was very familiar with Autism.

Fla. Officials Struggle With School Restraint Rule

Wow! After reading the article below I am so mad!

"Wilson said other behavioral approaches should have been tried first but that physical restraint can be used safely if designed to avoid pain and injury.

Autism, We Need to Bridge the Gap Between Parents and Educators!

In Jordan's freshman year of high school due to extreme frustration with his math teacher, I ended up writing a letter to the Principle and copied the Superintendent! High school has been a challenge that's for sure, it's way different than dealing with middle school teachers. I find I have to scream to be heard at the high school level in middle school I only had to whisper. Jordan's Sophomore year wasn't much better, I won't back down, and you shouldn't back down either what's that slogan? Just bring it!

Dear Mr. Principle,
Dear Mr. Superintendant,

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