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Adolescence and Adulthood

Christmas Shopping: Self Determination in Action

Last weekend Trent stayed with us at our home as Jason his roommate had a weekend off. Saturday night (six days before Christmas) my husband and I planned a shopping outing to give Trent another year of purchasing gifts for family members. He is 33 years old, and shopping now seems so normal and ordinary, often free from real challenges. In years past I recall responding to this adventure with uneasiness, because Trent’s idea of shopping was getting new clothes for himself. His anxiety in those days increased when I encouraged him to look at gifts for his brothers, his dad, or for mom.

Birds & Bees talks really can not be one sided. Autism & Puberty

I used to tell my employees you have two choices. You can either laugh or you can cry. Nothing around here is worth crying about so find a way to laugh at the situation. This is not a funny topic folks people are chemically castrating young men and have urged me to do so... Check out this article....

A new Anxiety

How do you quell the anxiety for a child that is well aware of his or her surroundings? My son is one of those wonderful kinds of Apsies. My DH is an Aspie that love his news. My son hears the stuff going on about H1N1. He could not shut down last night due to the HIGH level of anxiety due to the news and his parents talking about it. He was first hysterical about teh shot then to find out about it being mass given out at school--OH BOY you would have thought that the world was coming to an end.

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Supporting People with Autism for ...

Achieving a best outcome for a productive transition to adulthood requires intervention in three main areas:

1) behavioral/developmental/educational 2) biomedical 3) sensory integration

Addressing these three areas of intervention plus approaches focused on addressing social and self-awareness is necessary to navigate the adult arenas of employment, relationships, continuing education, interdependent living, and appropriate self-advocacy.

Avoiding the Pitfalls: Winning the War

Dr. Megson will discuss how children emerging from autism have ongoing predictable developments, medical, social, educational needs and what to do about them as you travel this road.

Mary Megson, MD is a board certified pediatrician, fellowship trained in child development.


Maverick Mama October 2010

Continuing commentary on being the mother of a Young Adult with Autism. What to do when they show independence - and don't seem to like you or need you. Birthday party at a great group home. And the tragic stories of young adults who are sent out of state to far from perfect facilities - one of which proved to be fatal for two Long Islanders.

Adults on the Autism Spectrum Today!

The international radio show, Adults on the Autism Spectrum; TODAY!, is brought to you on the third Saturday of every month. The general themes addressed on the show include: planning for the future; how to access adult services; effective transition approaches; wills/trusts/guardianship; self-advocacy; state and national advocacy; service development; employment opportunities; supported living; recreation/leisure activities; and, personal stories of success and struggle.