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Autism Briefing Goes Over Big

Today was another important step in additional attention for autism. Our friends at Age of Autism reported on the meeting and delivered us with a recording. As noted in the article written by By Dan Olmsted "...Mark Blaxill and David Kirby address the autism epidemic and its environmental roots Friday -- and one of the attendees was a member of the House who suggested their remarks may soon get even more attention."

This is great news for the autism community.

Who is the Layperson to believe? Is there A Doctor in the house? Autism Prevalence Questions

No matter what is said here or anywhere, it does not change the fact that there is an Autism Crisis. I am always open minded to learn and grow. The basis of my Autism education is through the highly criticized lens of Google University. I would say my 7 years of intensive and indepth study of books, conferences, meetings, speeches, CD's DVD's, flyers, and personal conversations with experts qualifies me as an equal to most of those with PHD's. Many who have not had any formal classroom training on autism but just hide behind their Title.

Are you stressed too?

There’s been an awful lot of talk about the intense amount of stress that autism parents experience compared to other parents. Even more stressed than parents of children with varying disabilities when compared with autism. And then there are those which serve to expand upon the reasons.

Propaganda for the Concerned Parent

I have just recently read an informative article from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHoP) that reminds me of not only how ignorant I used to be regarding the inherent dangers of vaccines but also how devious and disingenuous doctors today can be in selling their pharmaceutical masters wares. The title of the article is Q A Aluminum in Vaccines: What you should know

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Raising a Child on the Spectrum: ...

AO/GR 2012 Conference: Ken Siri, MBA.

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Biofilms, Bugs, and Bowels: ...

AO/GR 2012 Conference. John H. Hicks, MD.

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The First Dads of Autism: Life ...

AO/GR 2012 Conference. Mark Blaxill, MBA. 

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Startup company succeeds at hiring ...

Startup company Aspiritech was created out of a mother's passion to create jobs for her son that more closely matched his unique talents and abilities.


Weekend Autism Global News in Review - 06/26/10

Rob Sidell hosts a show reviewing articles about a Court decision allowing a window for all of us who feel our child was injured by a vaccine to file a claim, dementia and how caregivers are affected, testosterone and ASD, ASD and invitro fertilization, lead in fruit drinks targeted at kids and new info on vitamin D, UV exposure and the immune system.

Linderman Live 06-25-10 -- PARENTAL ADVISORY: Contains adult language

Today on Linderman LIVE! Billy Boy Gates is at it again! I have no doubt that this guy wants to depopulate the planet! This time, he's pushing GM seeds in Africa (after all, what's better for a population of poor indigenous folks that sterilization and early death?). Also, Tylenol, unvaccinated babies and other news from the autism and natural health world!