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Living close to freeways increases autism risk, study finds

As reported in the Los Angeles Times, Children born to mothers who live close to freeways have twice the risk of autism, researchers reported Thursday. The study, its authors say, adds to evidence suggesting that certain environmental exposures could play a role in causing the disorder in some children.

More research is needed, but the report suggests air pollution could be a factor. Read more about this by clicking here >>

On Individuality and Illness

We respect individuality, but we do not disregard illness. When my son and I lock gazes, looking deeply into each other's eyes, I lovingly tell him he's perfect. But I know from a recent dental exam that he has cavities, and I am not going to neglect the pain and adverse health consequences that these can give him if left untreated. We know through objective laboratory and other diagnostic testing that children with a label of autism have things going on in their bodies -- analogous to cavities and which we would treat for any child, neurotypical or labeled with autism.

Update from the front. Autism Support and Vaccine Injury

A few things happened this week that prompted me to write a little update from the front lines of the war for support for our loved ones dealing with Autism. In case you are reading this for the first time. My name is Tim Welsh and I blog, tweet, write and respond around the web as TannersDad. I take debating very seriously and spend hours reading and studying.

Are You Jealous? Autism and Emotions

Are you Jealous? How many emotions do family members dealing with Autism go through in a day. Then I was thinking how many do we bury? It is great to talk. It is even better to talk to your partner. What Happens when the pipes flowing Communication get clogged with artery sludge of pent up unspoken emotions. Today I would like to talk about Jealousy. Remember this is from the perspective of a man that many say is unable to process and understand the emotions of those around me.

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Epilepsy in Autism: An Overview by ...

Dr. Paul Hardy discusses an integrative approach to treating Epilepsy in Autism including bio-medical and EEG interventions.

Subcommittee on Superfund, Toxics ...

Our children should not be used as guinea pigs. So it’s time to update the law and protect them.

Early Days with Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin, Ph.D., is a professor of animal science at Colorado State University and has designed half of all the cattle-handling equipment for meat plants in the United States. Grandin is an accomplished author who was diagnosed with autism at age three.

The Bike Journey: San Francisco to ...

View some scenic and amusing moments from an 8-day bike ride: San Francisco to Los Angeles.


Weekend AutismOne 30 Minute Global News in Review - 01/22/11

Michael, Debra and Rob Sidell introduce and produce a very hopeful show that revieves articles about how the spacing of time between pregnancies can have a big influence on the odds of having a child on the Spectrum, how scientists have now discovered that indeed the immune system and its expressions in the body do have neurological effects and cause many types of cells once thought isolated from the brain to cross the blood/brain barrier, the dramatic off-label overprescribing of expensive antipsychotics, massage therapy and how it may help those with ASD and how few sudies have been done to

Weekly AutismOne 30 Minute Global News in Review - 01/19/2011

Rob and Michael Sidell introduce and produce a great and informative show that explores articles about the health benefits of meditation, big Pharma's use of unregulated overseas drug trials, how pollution passes from mother to child, the long distance connections in the brain, MMR linked to bowel disease in regressive autstics confirming Wakefield's results and the hopeful uses and testing of Salvia Divinorum.