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What Saved My Sanity from the Stresses of Autism Was Yoga

Every parent who has a child with the diagnosis of autism endures hair raising temper tantrums and long sleepless night’s these are daily occurrences for most of us. Feelings of isolation and depression are the norm, and stress is 24/7. I want to share with you what saved my sanity.
Yoga, yes you heard me right the practice of yoga.
I know what you’re thinking, I have no time or you cannot get a babysitter because I said that too! However, there came one point where I knew from the pit of my soul that I must make the time to save my own sanity.

Sharing Jordan's Challenging Area's, Goal's, Modification's and Support's

Challenging areas for my child Jordan:
In sharing this IEP information, my hope is to help out mom's andvery educator's.
Regular Education Teachers don't have very much information provided to them on autism,they really need more in-service in this area! I teach teachers how to instruct my child...
Information provided by: Speech teacher Kacey Newman.
1. Higher level language tasks including how and why questions, explaining reasons why and inferring.
2. Rote memory is a skill Jordan excels at, he greatly struggled with recalling sentences that are presented to him verbally.

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Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis/Discussing How Sound Affects the Person with Autism

Discussion 1: Dorinne Davis discusses the difference between hearing and auditory processing and sets the processes of how auditory information travels to the brain for perception to occur. This show is part 1 of a discussion of auditory processing basics as it relates to sound-based therapies.

Sound Effects with Dorinne Davis: Discussing How Sound Affects the Person with Autism

Today's show discusses the correlation between functional medicine and the use of sound-based therapies. Ms. Davis reviews the components of The Davis Model of Sound Intervention after sharing an article by Dr. Mark Hyman entitled "Why Current Thinking About Autism is Completely Wrong".