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Home Schooling / How To Run a Successful Home Program

New Beginnings

What a great week we had, last week. I hired 3 new staff, or team Members as we call them, for Noah's in home VB Program. I'm so excited to get them out here and get them trained. One has prior ABA experience, so now we have to get her trained in VB and move her toward that protocol. It's all so exciting. The other two girls have such great enthusiasm and spirit. And their willingness to learn is astounding. It's hard to find that right fit for a program like this. I interviewed about 7 girls and started out just wanting to hire 2.

Measuring Progress

I recently spoke to a mom who told me that her child is really flourishing. He is using more and more spontaneous language every day and they are delighted to hear him communicating with them.

With Autism... Nothing Changes If Nothing Changes, Activities & Early Intervention

When my child turned three years old, he was accepted into a Special Education Pre-school Program in District 93.

The results of this assessment showed that at three years of age my child was 18 months developmentally.

The IEP team included a Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and a Special Education Teacher.

They distributed informational packets for the parents to take home and read.

The team suggested working on these exercise’s at home everyday.

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