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Sensory Integration

Can Your Child, With Sensory Issues, Learn to Tolerate Holiday Gatherings and Parties?

I love the article below! I think it points out nicely that we, as parents, need to respect and sympathize with our sensory-sensitive children. The fact is, that regardless of how hard it is on us, it's a million times harder on them. It's our responsibility to protect them, respect them, and help them help themselves. It's our responsibility to teach the world about what they are going through, and to understand and honor them. They deserve that! And I think it's selfish to try to make them fit into our "box" of what constitutes "normal" behavior.

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Reaching Sensory Processing ...

So frequently, sensory processing disorders, ADHD to autism, are addressed through a variety of behavioral and biochemical approaches; this can result in the significance of the biomechanical aspects of these conditions being underestimated.

Autistic Kids Go to The Extreme

Sensory overload is the Goal at Doug Gilstrap's Extreme Sports Camp located in the Aspen-Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado.