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Guidelines for creating Hort Therapy Gardens for Children with Autism.

This is a Masters Thesis I came across on guidelines for building a hort-therapy garden. I thought it might be useful to someone sometime within this group.

You will have to let go of the "people first" infractions to read but at least some information is getting out there.

If one is interested I suggest downloading the file. Like .gov site, you never know when university bureaucracies will change or eliminate files.

Fitting into a Defined Box - or Not

As I sit here in attendance of the Future Horizons Autism and Aspergers Conference in Charlotte, NC, I reflect on the years of being a mother of an autistic child and the enlightening things I have learned through the difficult journey of raising our son to the wonderful adult he has become. I hear the stories of challenges and trials from young mothers and recognize that they are at the beginning of the journey. I am wanting to gift them with the vision of each of the many days to come of trying to fit their child into the box.

Introduction Video of Picto Selector

It is time consuming to create but this video gives a small impression.

With some help of other people i was able to add captions in Dutch, French, Portuguese and English.

The tools i used were CAMStudio (screen capture), WinFF (coding AVI to flv) and Subtitle Workshop (creating the captions).

More information about Picto Selector can be found at:

Convert the bane of a typical autistic behavior into therapy:

Every child's autism is different and unique, however, there are also many common traits. One of the most frustrating and dangerous is what I call the deaf run. This is where the child will bolt from a parent's hand for some desired object. Normal children do this as well, however, many autistic children are particularly talented at ignoring their parents. They also may be quite fixated on a particular item or object which acts as a terrible distraction when attempting a therapy session.

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Managing and Transforming ...

Using an approach to building rapport he helps parents to transform negative behavior into positive behavior that children actually enjoy doing.