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TACA Real Help Now Conference in Madison, WI

Real Help Now Conference in Madison, WI
February 27, 2010, 8am – 5pm
Madison Candlewood Suites,
5421 Caddis Bend, Madison, WI

Speakers include world-renowned biomedical experts:
•Lauren Underwood, Ph.D. – Biomedical and Behavioral Therapies Together: A Best Practice Model for Treating Autism
•Kyle Van Dyke, M.D. – Oxidative Stress and Inflammation in Autism
•Anju Usman, M.D. – The Gut-Brain-Immune Connection


Registration for the Autism One / Generation Rescue 2010 "Autism Redefined" Conference is open!

Are you ready to join those who are redefining autism?



many new faces

many favorites

prediction/prevention track

environmental track

advocacy track

PANDAS track

seizures track

adult issues

much more

Conference Speakers!

This is a partial list of conference speakers*, listed by day. A more comprehensive schedule and registration and hotel information will be posted tomorrow evening.

Best wishes and see you in Chicago!

Student Scholars for Autism Program

Dr. Charles Chapple
Dr. Marshall Dickholtz
Dr. Thomas O'Bryan
Student Scholars for Autism Program
Additional lectures

Timothy Adams, Esq.
Lynne Arnold
Maria Cammarata
Wendy Fournier
Dr. Roy Leonardi
Lori McIlwain
Phyllis Musumeci
Mary Coyle, DIHom

Autism Treatment Workshop - San Francisco, January 30th - Dr. Woeller, Julie Matthews, Stan Kurtz.

If you know someone who cares for a child with autism, please tell them about this important Autism Treatment Workshop in the San Francisco Bay Area - or please attend yourself. Three leading autism educators (including myself) will be informing parents of the latest medical treatments, supplementation, nutrition, and special diets that are helping children on the spectrum.

Event Web Site:

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A Deficiency in the Mitochondrial ...

This presentation will explain how the metabolic imbalances, gastric problems, and core symptoms of autism may be the result of a malfunction of the mitochondrial enzyme, MAO-A.

Biomedical Treatments for Autism by ...

This talk will summarize the major biomedical treatments for autism that are supported by research, including special diets, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, amino acids, digestive enzymes, gut treatments, glutathione, sulfation, chelation, and immunological treatments.

The Efficacy of Traditional and ...

To better understand the characteristics of seizures in individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), we developed a 737-question online Web-based survey.

Nutritional Treatment Studies for ...

This presentation will focus on new results of a major vitamin/mineral treatment study for children with autism.


Using and Losing the Label!

The Sidells review articles about the neuroanatomical differences between the Fragile X label and PDDNOS, the exploration of our viruses and a new science to study the "virome", cross-talk between the gut and the brain facilitated by your bacterial "biome", a new computer based method to detect and observe epileptic seizures and the professionals who are offering thew FDA and EPA their help in creating regulatory ansd risk assessments for chemicals in our environment.

Dr. Charles Chapple - AutismOne Conference 2009

Rob Sidell and the audience get a unique opportunity to talk with a well recognized clinician and the father of Sean, a child on the Spectrum. Dr. Chapple's perpective and his tireless drive to help children and parents to recover is inspiring. He's the real deal!