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So now that we are taking care of our kids. . .

Parents who are in full swing taking care of their children with autism, often forget their own health in the process. I've written and spoken at length of this crisis within the crisis; describing parents in our community as the new "collateral damage." And yet, for all of my own preaching about care for the caregiver I have recently found myself once again on the receiving end of my own advice.

What Say You?

I’ve been very discourage as of late. There is a shadow of darkness and gloom hanging over our community. A heinous monster which only serves to defeat us, only serves to further distance us, conquer and divide.

Maybe you’ve come to realize it too? That ugly assaulting being is none other than each other. It’s no secret that there exist two entirely different pools of thought in the autism community. Those of us who desire to improve upon our loved one’s health to the point that they recover from autism, and those who feel threatened by the concept.

Something For Sam

Hi there. I’m Lin Wessels, otherwise known as Sam’s mom. I am an autism activist of sorts, which is how I ended up here, on AutismOne, as a blogger. My profile picture reflects my attempts at political activism on behalf of our families with autism. The more I understand about politics, the more contacts I make on The Hill, the more meetings I attend with our representatives, the more I feel exactly as that picture depicts…..locked on the outside, trying to get in. Sometimes I do truly wonder why I even bother. But then, I remember the alternative, do nothing.

Freedoms Taken for Granted.Voices lost. "My Name is...Autism"

The words echo in my brain every minute of everyday. Laying on the couch facing my sons room in the morning 7 years ago. It was a bright warm sunny day with sun streaming in from the large pane window facing East. My son bursts into the room running into my arms. Saying loudly, proudly, and with a smile. While looking me in the eyes, "My name is Tanner. My name is Tanner." That was the last sentence we heard after his vaccinations. He lost his dreams, ability to play, socialize, eat, and sense of world. The name tag now reads... "My Name is.... Autism"

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