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Counseling - Coping and Communication for Parents

How Does Your Garden Grow

How does your garden grow?
By Leslie McCann

I realize the metaphor is corny, but I can’t help but indulge in the analogy… just for a moment.

Delayed Grieving

Delayed Grieving
by Leslie McCann

I spent five years defending my daughter’s needs to
professionals, to family members, to perfect strangers
and to my own husband. It was five years of pure
hell. See, for some reason, in our society if you don’t
have some sort of professionally labeled & drug-treatable
disorder, then there is nothing wrong with you.

Parents these days have children with all kinds
of problems: hyperactivity, food sensitivities that
lead to undesirable behaviors, sensory issues that lead
to undesirable behaviors, undiagnosed autism spectrum

A Safe Place in this Universe

Today I had the pleasure of meeting a very opinionated father at the playground. He watched as my daughter avoided other children, hid behind me, and yelled if someone tried to play with her. He politely but assertively told me that I should just "throw her to the wolves.” "She’d be okay," he insisted. He suggested that "throwing her to the wolves" might just force her to be more accepting of other kids and make her become more social.

I politely listened, and then I responded:

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Autism: The Brain, Thinking and ...

Mary Jo Lang discusses education, decision making and creating a better understanding for the development of an Autistic child.


Maverick Mama June 2010 Show

Dr. John Schaut is a psychologist who has worked for 18 years with men and women returning from military combat. He is also the father of a son with Autism. Here he speaks with Barbara Fischkin about stress and Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS) and how it affects parents of individuals with Autism who experience their own "very long tour." And what to do about it. This is a complicated issue and some may want to listen more than once.