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The Big Picture: How Various Researchers’ Work Fits Together


Welcome Aboard:-)
You'll be happy to know many of your fellow crew members have been aboard for years and seen some of the most likely storms you'll see as this boat plies the rough waters of ASD. Our intended destination is the port of Recovery. Our sister ships (the Autism Collaboration, links on the "home" page) are also crewed by parents like yourselves. Best of Luck!

putting the pieces of the research puzzle together

CNN recently reported on a University of North Carolina study where researchers found that toddlers with autism had a portion of their brains, (the Amygdala) that was on average thirteen percent larger than the neurotypical controls. The study, which was published in the latest Archives of General Psychiatry, looked at 50 toddlers with autism and another 33 that were neurotypical. They were all scanned at two and four years of age.

PERSISTANCE does pay off! Top 10 supports for Autism (THRiiive) creates incredable change for Jezeriah!

In October 2005 we were blessed with our youngest bundle of JOY Jezeriah! At just 4 weeks old Jezeriah arrived at our home. The sweetest fair haired infant I had ever layed eye on! What a truly incredable gift from GOD! Jezeriah has down syndrome and his family felt they could not give him all that was necessary to thrive and develop. So our family dedicated to advancing and believing in all differences, received him with an open and believing heart! In the first few weeks Jezeriah lifted his head and soon began to bear weight on his arms to push himself up.

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