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Starting EDTA

My 9 year old ASD son has been doing chelation with oral DMSA for a little over a year, Now he is going to be starting EDTA probably this weekend. I'd like some feedback from other parents who have done this. Basically I'd like to hear about changes you saw, good or bad, with your child. I have been wanting to try this for quite some time but we were waiting on lab results from Doctors Data and now we have those. He tested high with Arsenic and Cadium and that really bothers me. We've been doing DAN treatment for almost 2 years and I've seen great results from that.

10 months Update

We have hit the 10 month mark of chelation. We have come so far. Sammy is asking questions, giving hugs and kisses, pretending alittle. Sabrina is recovered to us. She still deals with yeast on her face but she typical in all areas. She starts regular preschool in a few weeks. Samantha is going to miss her.

Today as we were walking to the kitchen to get a drink she said 'I love you Mom' out of the blue.

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