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The Science of Autism & Biomedical Treatments

The Biomedical Intervention Approach is Working Really Well.

Firstly I would like to begin this post by saying, Gosh, where has the time gone over the last fortnight? I am so lax in my delivery of my next BLOG entry! I knew it had been a few days, but not this many! So I do apologise. But lots of exciting things have been happening. The most exciting things really are to do with some more wonderful developments in the world of Daniel. Firstly, it has to do with his chronic constipation. Bless him. I had to take him to the doctors as it was so bad. He has had constipation all of his little life. Nothing seems to work.

Delayed Grieving

Delayed Grieving
by Leslie McCann

I spent five years defending my daughter’s needs to
professionals, to family members, to perfect strangers
and to my own husband. It was five years of pure
hell. See, for some reason, in our society if you don’t
have some sort of professionally labeled & drug-treatable
disorder, then there is nothing wrong with you.

Parents these days have children with all kinds
of problems: hyperactivity, food sensitivities that
lead to undesirable behaviors, sensory issues that lead
to undesirable behaviors, undiagnosed autism spectrum

The Day I Became President by Mark Macluskie

The Day I Became President
By Mark Macluskie

Dr. Stewart on facebook.

It seems these days everyone is exploring and jumping on the Social Networking roller coaster... well we are no different!!! I've had Dr. Stewart as a Fan Based Facebook page for a few months now and it's starting to really take off.

If you'd like to be a fan or find out a little more on how we are treating Autistic Patients and getting great results, I recommend you check out a few sites we have.

Facebook Fan Page:

Dr. Stewart's Clinic Website:

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Episode #2 - Lab Biomarkers, Jake's Progress and Questions from Listeners.

Dr. Stewart and Lisa discuss Laboratory Biomarkers, Jake’s history and progress, and answer questions from listeners.  As always you can submit your questions from next months Podcast by sending them to